New Clipse Mixtape: That’s the Re-Up Anthem

Yeah boy!!! We’ve known for some time that this year would bring us loads of material from Clipse and the Re-Up Gang, and just yesterday the new mixtape, We Got It For Cheap Volume 3 became available as a free download. Honest truth is that I haven’t had time to listen to the whole thing, but since “20k Money Making Brothers on the Corner” went up for streaming last week, we’ve all known this would be legit. I listened to the first six tracks before I had to head off to work this morning, and it sounds like vintage Clipse. Beats so hot you could fry an egg off ‘em and lyrics that constantly make you say, “Did he really just say that?” There may understandably be some who say that Pusha T and Malice’s lyrical tropes - coke, keys, and powder - are getting stale after two full-lengths and two mixtapes, but when they constantly reinvent ways to say it, it stays fresh. Kudos to them from getting more out of Roscoe P. Coldchain and Ab-Liva on this. Rumor has it that there’s going to be a full-on Re-Up Gang release this year, and some of my favorite guest spots in rap the last few years have come from those two - most notably on “Cot Damn” and “Chinese New Year.” You shouldn’t need to preview this at all, just download the whole thing. But if you’re still not convinced, check out “Show You How to Hustle” below.

Download: Clipse feat. Re Up Gang - Show You How To Hustle

Download the whole thing right here.

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  1. Damn, nice… glad to be subscribed to this blog. I was actually LISTENING to Hell Hath when this post popped up.