Preview: The Dirtbombs

Next Tuesday, Detroit’s Dirtbombs will release their 5th album of dirty electric revival blues, entitled We Have You Surrounded (on longtime label In the Red.) It would be a shame for you to miss them dropping their live dirt all over your sweaty body (ed: would that be mud?) this Friday at the Picador. It’s guaranteed to be one of the grittiest rock ‘n roll nights of this cold season. And as if just having the Dirtbombs wasn’t enough, you’ll also get Rusty Buckets and Mannix! from Iowa City too. Doors are at 9:30 - bring your earplugs and kick that liver back into gear. You’ll need both.

Have a listen below to the punk-infusion of “Ever Lovin’ Man,” and the vaguely TV on the Radio-style of the title track, “They Have Us Surrounded.” These songs are particularly indicative of their sonic variation, not to mention the pure rock attitude they bring to live performances everywhere they go. Expect them to blaze into town and shake the walls this weekend.

Download: The Dirtbombs - Ever Lovin’ Man

Download: The Dirtbombs - They Have Us Surrounded

2 Responses to “Preview: The Dirtbombs”

  1. 1 ted

    these guys rock oh so hard. thanks for the song preview.

  2. 2 todd

    i’m glad you enjoyed. it’s a really good album. were you able to make it to the show?

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