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Preview: Nethervoid w/ The Horde, Showering Ashes, and Freaklable

Do you have those devil horns ready? I’ve been workin’ mine out like mad, making sure that my index and pinkie fingers are strong and limber, ’cause I’ll be flashing that shit all night tonight.
You may have noticed a distinct hipster vibe on these pages, and you wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption. However, [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 5.29 - 5.31

I think it was Edwin Way Teale who said, “The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.”  Indeed, May is a month when all things, in fact, might be possible: graduations, really bad karma, inappropriate dorm touching finally being prosecuted, music, sunshine, lollipops, etc. etc.  And with just three more [...]

Preview: Johanna Kunin

We are excited about the newly reopened Public Space (located in the basement of the Jefferson Building between Subway and the Ped Mall). To express our delight at having this wonderful space at our disposal, we’ve put together an awesome show this Thursday evening for you to enjoy. Join us as we celebrate the music [...]

New Music: The Hood Internet vs. Chicago

Today, May 27, sees the release of some brand new jams from your favorite mash-up artists the Hood Internet, who just happened to rock one of this year’s sickest parties at the Mission Creek Music Festival. The newest mix from this cutting edge duo is called The Hood Internet vs. Chicago and it features 23 [...]

New Music: Bay Area Indie-Pop (John Vanderslice, the Dodos, Papercuts, the Velvet Teen, and more!)

I recently teamed up with Bay Area music bloggers, the Bay Bridged, to put together the first in a series of Bay Area Scenecast’s for Cokemachineglow’s ongoing scenecast project in which a different region’s music scene(s) is highlighted via an in-depth podcast. This entry on the Bay Area specifically hones in on that region’s indie-pop [...]

New Music / Video: Weezer

Say what you will about the piles of sonic bullshit that Weezer has piled on us in the years following their debut and Pinkerton (1996), but I think we all have to admit that their new video / single, “Pork and Beans” is a stunning return to form. Snarky as ever, Rivers Cuomo and the [...]

New Music: Albert Hammond Jr.

Everyone’s favorite Stroke, Albert Hammond Jr., has just posted a new song on iLike. It’s a (lead?) track from his next record, Como Te Llama, due out later this year. Seriously, with this guy steadily bumping out albums and straight-up lapping the Strokes on the prolific track, do we really need to hear from [...]

Preview: Paleo w/ Old Time Relijun, Zebras, Dead Larry, and Adam Matthew Havlin

We’ve already Freak Focused two of five acts hitting the Mill’s stage this evening, but apparently that’s not enough. Actually, look up at that headline, we haven’t said a whole lot about what else is going on, and it should be known that you’ll be getting considerably more than your $6 worth if you [...]

Pygmalion Fest Lineup Announcement: Yo La Tengo, Black Mountain, and more!

If you live in the Midwest and like music, you should know two things: Mission Creek Festival is for the spring and Pygmalion Festival is for the fall. The Pygmalion Fest, based in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois is one of our favorite musical events in the Midwest. I guess we’d call each other sister festivals but we’re [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 5.22-5.24

Wah-wah-wah…School’s out for summer/forever here in the IC, but by no means does that mean the rockin’ has to end. If anything, the sudden dearth of college Joes & Janes should be considered a welcome relief to those of us tired of pushing our way through crowds in the pursuit of sweet sweet Grain Belt. [...]