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F Yeah Fest: Tues, July 1st at the Mill

This week’s best show happens like, um, tomorrow. Tuesday is the new Awesome. F Yeah Fest rolls into the Mill at 8PM Tuesday night. It’s a festival all in one night, a huge explosion of indie rock, dance music, and comedy. The lineup is pretty incredible. We’ll break it down for ya…
Comedy: Funny men Hannibal [...]

Review: Wolf Eyes w/ Lwa, Crackity Sax, and Trash Dog

Just when I thought I knew what to expect at a “noise show,” the fine folks performing at the Picador on Saturday night, threw me a curveball.
The night started with the high, hard heat of Trash Dog. The quartet, comprised of a trio of guitars and a drummer, brutalized their instruments with minute-long songs [...]

New D.I.Y. Venue: The Glory Hole

The art-loving folks who live at the house at Washington and Lucas have turned their basement into an official D.I.Y. venue called the Glory Hole. The first show kicks off tonight featuring Tree Tops (from Chicago), Uneven Universe (from Detroit), and locals Uncomforter and Supersonic Piss. This is a great thing for Iowa City. It [...]

Preview: Lucinda Williams

I love watching country music videos when I’m hungover. Besides the really schlocky and profit-driven-patriotism that is a sad sub-genre of contemporary country, by and large country music videos are awesome: dynamic acting, melodramatic and rousing score, beautiful acoustic guitars, and really great storylines. Because with country, you really have to feel; whereas [...]

Freak Focus: Hannibal Buress

Voted the funniest comedian in Chicago by Time Out, the hilarious Hannibal Burress will be in Iowa City on Tuesday, July 1st as part of the F Yeah Fest at the Mill. I could go on about his comedic talents but it makes more sense to let the stand-up speak for itself. Check it out [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 6.26 - 6.28

Bear Weather / Holy Roman Empire / Red and the Eds @ The Mill — 9PM
What’s really cool about this show is that it’s a true showcase of local indie rock talent. Most of the bands are associated with Iowa City label, Slanty Shanty. It’ll be interesting to see how they represent. Bear Weather and [...]

Preview: dd/mm/yyyy

Ho-hum, it’s been a slow week around here. I keep falling asleep all over myself. I was about to engage permanent hibernation until I realized — holy crap! — dd/mm/yyyy is playing in Iowa City on Saturday night! Bringing together elements of noise, math-rock, and sweet irresistible pop, dd/mm/yyyy (day - month - year) is [...]

Preview: Rock n’ Roll Circus w. Mannix!

Mannix! plays at the Mill tonight in honor of bass player / tom-thumper Sarah Mannix’s birthday. She can’t be more than 18 but this party sure is gonna be adult. In fact it’s going to be a circus, a rock n’ roll circus. Remember way back in the ’60s when the Stones got all self-indulgent [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 6.19-6.21

So with the reservoir officially crested it appears we’re on the way to recovery, and it looks like it’s going to be lengthy. That being said, it is summer (officially as of Friday!), and we’d be remiss if we let record flood conditions get in the way of our merrymaking. Summertime means all sorts of [...]

New Tilly Single: “Pot Kettle Black”

Tilly and the Wall have released their third album, O, on Team Love Records. A few months back we offered you a preview of the song “Cacophony,” but now that the CD is out the official first single is “Pot Kettle Black,” and you can download it below. The exuberance of Tilly’s live performances has [...]