News: Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy) Returns?

If you know the Freak then you’ll know that at least a couple of us on staff rate Grandaddy as one of the best bands ever. So, you can imagine we were a bit sad [ed. note - somewhere between shocked and devastated] when these Modesto, California space-rockers called it quits a couple of years ago. Well, after a low-key 2006 solo tour and a long silence, it appears that Grandaddy frontman, Jason Lytle, is ready to show his face again. We don’t have many details but we know this much: he has a new website — — and he has a Myspace page up and running (although it could be a fan page). On his website, Lytle suggests that a new solo album will hit the stores (or more likely, broadband cables) sometime in 2008. The album is possibly entitled: Sew Low Owl Bum but don’t hold us to that. At the very least, we can expect some new Lytle songs sometime in the next seven months. Until then, chew on these Grandaddy classics of yesteryear.

Download: Grandaddy - Levitz

download: Grandaddy - Everything Beautiful Is Far Away

Download: Grandaddy - Chartsengrafs

2 Responses to “News: Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy) Returns?”

  1. 1 Olly

    he had a myspace for a long time and was posting new tunes, but since the sew low owl bum announcement he’s started his myspace page over and is keeping it frugal by the looks!

  2. 2 Oliver


    So I’m a huge grandaddy fan. Nice to see more people spreading grandaddy music. We’ve got a radio show at a university in Montreal. The only guarantee on every show is that you WILL hear ONE Grandaddy song. 28 shows later grandaddy is the only artist we do that with.

    Do check it out leave us a comment.

    In grandaddy news. We spoke to the teacher from france who has her kids singing choir versions of a bunch of grandaddy songs and apparently Jason is planning on going to Paris to perform with them.
    I’m sure you’ve heard them on his myspace by now. should be something special..

    cheers from the dial a view

    midnightmotion radio

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