Preview: 80/35 Festival

It’s hard to imagine being an Iowan and missing out on Des Moines’ inaugural 80/35 Music Festival, which boasts an impressive lineup in its first year..The Roots? The Flaming Lips? Black freakin’ Francis? This promises to be not only the premiere Iowa music event of the summer but also a destination as its namesake indicates: two major interstates converge in Des Moines, making it the perfect center for folks traveling from all sorts of Midwestern hubs. Three-fourths of the Freak staff will be in attendance, taking in a weekend of sun, booze, and diverse musical talent. There isn’t a lot more for me to say - I think the line-up speaks volumes. As with any festival, you won’t be able to see everyone, and that will be okay. So straight from us, here’s our ideal take - precisely, where you’ll most likely be able to find us, when we’re not in line for beer - on this weekend’s activities.

Friday, July 4th
5:00 - Headlights (Bravo East Stage)
5:45 - Colourmusic (Meredith West Stage)
6:45 - Rock Plaza Central (Meredith West Stage)
8:00 - Cracker (Meredith West Stage)
9:00 - Flaming Lips (Mediacom Main Stage)

Saturday, July 5th
12:00 - The Vandon Arms (Meredith West Stage)
1:00 - David Zollo (Bravo East Stage)
2:30 - Drive-By Truckers (Mediacom Main Stage)
3:00 - Neva Dinova (Bravo East Stage)
3:30 - TouchNice (AmericanTrust DJ Stage)
4:45 - Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (Meredith West Stage)
5:30 - Black Francis (Mediacom Main Stage)
7:15 - The Poison Control Center (Bravo East Stage)
8:00 - The Envy Corps (Meredith West Stage)
9:00 - The Roots (Mediacom Main Stage)

Anyway, that clearly leaves a lot of worthy folks out too, so do your research and then do your own thing. Tickets are still available. Advance tickets are cheaper, so pick them up online: weekend passes are only $50, or if you can only make it for a day it’s $30 each. Enjoy some mp3s below, and then get thee a ticket.

Download: The Envy Corps - Wires And

Download: Headlights - Cherry Tulips

Download: Neva Dinova - Clouds

Download: The Poison Control Center - Magic Circle Symphony

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Todd is a transplant from the East Coast who came to Iowa City to live life, love music, and enjoy cheap beer. In addition to working on Mission Freak and Mission Creek Festival, he writes semi-regularly for Tiny Mix Tapes and Daytrotter and books music and other events at local non-profit venue Public Space ONE.

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