Preview: Last Minute House Show!

Late breaking arts news?  Yeah, I know: weird.  It doesn’t happen often, so when it does, all us arty kids get all crazy with the exclamation points!  (Now we know how real reporters feel.)
It was just announced early Friday morning that Chouser would once again be hosting a jam-packed house show this very evening.
So, what’s on the docket for this evening?  First there’s a trio of local-ites featuring: the host with the most, Chouser (wonder how he got on the bill); the Fake Krishnas, who will take you into the aether; and Taterbug‘ll get all freaky.
As for the out of towners, in the absence of knowledge, I’ll defer descriptive duties to Shawn Reed (Wet Hair).  Golden Triangle out of Memphis are “crazy 6 piece garage punk monsters,” get a load of ‘em here.  Headliner, Chicago’s Cave are “[k]rauty prog psych rippers” who bring “total jams.”  Cave has at least one member of Stress Ape, which brought it in that indecent-exposure-kind-of-way at PS1 a while back, this all sounds more than promising.  Climb inside of Cave here.

We also have a lil’ ol’ mp3 here for you.  Dig that streaming tune there?  You’ll probably want to make your way to this show.

Chouser - goredribs

What: Cave w/ Golden Triangle, Taterbug, Fake Krishnas, and Chouser
Where: Chouser’s Place (109 N. Dodge)
When: Tonight, 10/25
Doors: 9:30 pm
Cover: Donations to keep the travellin’ bands a-travellin’