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So you got a little taste of that new Birth Rites on Monday and you want more, I know.  We got just what you’re looking for.  We’ve got one of those demos from the band’s upcoming debut, All Success Stories, on Mission Freak Records.  Just down there, yeah right there, we’ve got the Jaws-referencing cut, riding on a wave of stop-start riffs, arpeggiated fills, and vocal-chord-shredding hollers on the chorus.

While the hope is to have All Success Stories street-ready by the end of Spring Semester, dudes have a show before then.  We can wait in hushed anticipation, or we can fuckin’ rock out.  I’m going with the latter.  Friday night at PS1 Birth Rites hold it down with local indie-electro favs The Western Front.  One of the bands joining in on the fun is Iowa City upstart Replacing the Robots, a band that plinks and which is playing it’s second show ever.  And also on the bill is Bettendorf’s Elijah Alvarado a/k/a Haunted Cedar Treehouse Murder.  HCTM isn’t as brutal as the name implies, actually, if Elijah cut the “Murder” out of his moniker, the sprawling, melancholic, tunes he pens might fit very well in a Haunted Cedar Treehouse

Who: Birth Rites w/ The Western Front, Elijah Alvarado (Haunted Cedar Treehouse Murder), and Replacing the Robots
Where: Public Space One (basement of the Jefferson Bldg.)
When: Friday (2/27),
Cover: ??

Birth Rites - We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

(Remember, it’s a demo, so disregard that little false start at the head of the track…even though it’s pretty cool.)

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