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New Music: Math the Band

OK, yeah, so it’s summertime finally (if unofficially), and just about everyone is going to be searching for that JAM that’s going to be bouncing out of speakers at dance parties and just regular parties all summer. Math the Band may not be able to guarantee that they’ll provide that tune, but they sure will [...]

Preview: Cass McCombs

Some folks are destined to make beautiful music. Singer / Songwriter Cass McCombs falls into this category. For several years he has steadily been at work, crafting wonderful albums filled with his eclectic ideas and his intimate and haunting voice. His fourth record, Catacombs (via Domino Records) is another quiet masterpiece marked by daring and [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 5.28-5.30 featuring New Music by Chaircrusher!

What better way to start off your weekend than with super-fresh new music?  Local DJ, musician, producer, writer, and impresario Kent Williams is back with some new electronic/house/techno tracks under his stage name, Chaircrusher.  The Sergeant Ridiculous EP was self-released today, and features two new tracks from Williams, five (!) remixes of the title track, [...]

Tuesday Night Social Club: Old Panther 7″ Release

This fact bears repeating: Old Panther’s new record is going to be awesome. A couple of us had the pleasure of going up to Future Appletree Too (where the bulk of the record was cut) and listening to some of the tracks. The latter part of the album was done at Flatblack Studios in Iowa [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 5.21-5.23

It’s official. Summer is here. The undergrads are gone. Damn, it’s quiet now…
That doesn’t mean that nothing’s going on by any means. There are still plenty of happenings to be happened. It does mean the crowd at the bar will be a little smaller, the tables at the Java House are up for grabs, and [...]

New Music: John Vanderslice - Romanian Names

Just two weeks remain until the much anticipated return of John Vanderslice to the Mill. You may have been there for his sold out show with The Mountain Goats as part of Mission Creek Fest in April, and if you weren’t, that’s a shame, because it was a pretty unique event. This time, he’ll be [...]

News Flash: The Blacks Break Up!

This just hurts. Our favorite Bay Area / NYC garage rockers have broken up! Yes, it’s true: the kings and queen of minimal hooks and maximum sweat have called it a day, reportedly on account of tambourinist / percussionist JDK Blacker wanting to move on to new art projects. All in all, everyone is parting [...]

Preview: The Diplomats of Solid Sound & Death Ships

Dude, remember 2006 when Death Ships were the indie pop giants of Iowa City? They were our very own banner rock n’ roll band having dropped their seductive first album Seeds of Devastation and supporting ex-Wilco member Jay Bennett on tour. Everyone was rooting for these guys and with good reason: they blended elements of [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 5.14-5.16

So, hmm, wow. No posting for awhile here on the site, but things have just been getting busy with stuff like finals, travel, and the ongoing housing search, which we’re admittedly behind with here at Mission Freak HQ. Alas, we will put aside our concerns about where we’re going to live next year to take [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 5.07-5.09

Hmm. I’m not really sure what to write about this week, to be honest. Just enjoy the weather, good luck with finals, and get out to see some of the awesome rock ‘n’ roll going down in town this weekend. See ya out there.
The High Strung w. Dimas Lemus, Lipstick Homicide, Teddy Boys / [...]