News Flash: The Blacks Break Up!

This just hurts. Our favorite Bay Area / NYC garage rockers have broken up! Yes, it’s true: the kings and queen of minimal hooks and maximum sweat have called it a day, reportedly on account of tambourinist / percussionist JDK Blacker wanting to move on to new art projects. All in all, everyone is parting on amiacable terms. We’d expect nothing less than a clean break from this impressively cordial trio. Formed a few years ago by guitarist / vocalist Luisa Black, JDK Blacker, and drummer Gavin Black the band released 1 EP, 1 LP, and a 7-inch on San Francisco label Tricycle Records as well as a single on RCRD LBL earlier this year. The band has played a few times in Iowa City: they supported Cursive at the 2008 Mission Creek Festival, played with the Tanks and Datagun at the Mill, and did a NYE gig with Baiowolf at the Picador. In those few gigs they made quite a wave amongst the Iowa City rock crowd for bringing awesome energy and songs to the stage. The Blacks will release one more album and play a farewell show in San Francisco on June 18th. Their swansong is titled Tiger Songs and will be available from Tricycle Records as well as on iTunes. We will post a song when we get one.

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  1. Bummer!