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Freakin’ Weekend: 7.30-8.1

This is the moving special! Every year ’round this time half of Iowa City packs it’s entire life into boxes, back seats of cars, rental trucks, or curb sides.
Aseethe w. Shores of the Tundra / your speakers / all day / $10
Pack. Save the speakers till the end. Scenester Credentials recently put out a split [...]

Reminder: Daytrotter Barnstorm tonight in West Liberty

So this week has turned out to be maybe the craziest week of my life. Between working full-time, moving, getting ready to go to a wedding this weekend, and working on the Freak, I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed. But you can bet that I will take time out of my schedule to head out to West [...]

New Music: Native - Ponyboy

As if this weekend wasn’t packed enough with music, Birth Rites main bros Native (not to be confused with Our Brother the Native or Local Natives) will be rocking PS1 on Sunday night with some ramshackle math rock tunes. Native have completed their debut record, Wrestling Moves, which comes out in late August via Sargent [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 07.23-07.25

This weekend is a great weekend for music in Iowa. And not just because of the choices you get to make in Iowa City this weekend. Not because you can go see the reunion of Foul Tip at a house show Friday night (do your research on that one) and then go see the Baby [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 07.16-07.18

Oh yes, it is now the heart of a little thing called summer festival season. And no, I’m not talking about Camp Euforia. But, with the medium sized Pitchfork Music Festival right around the corner in Chicago this weekend, we get some of the runoff of smaller bands right here in Iowa City. So no, [...]

Daytrotter Presents: Iowa Barnstorming

Just in case you had forgotten that they’re just about the coolest folks in the Midwest, the Daytrotter peeps have come together to bring you the Iowa Barnstorming tour, featuring some great indie acts playing - yep, Midwestern barns. Six different DT alums will be playing in four barns in Iowa (and one very select [...]

Mission Freak Records: Porno Galactica / Golden Birds / Alexis Stevens / And More!

A dispatch from our record label: It’s been straight-up crazy time over here at Mission Freak Records. This past week has seen the release of several albums both physically and digitally. If you are interested in checking out the artists that we support there couldn’t be a better time than now to order a CD [...]

New Book: Gooseberries: Portraits by Sterling Andrews

Back in April (ancient history, I know), one-time Iowa City resident Sterling Andrews released a book via Eenie Meenie Records. The book, entitled Gooseberries, features portraits of indie artists from the California music scene, specifically Southern California, where Andrews currently resides in Los Angeles. Part art project, part piece of art, Gooseberries features a series [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 07.10-07.12

Things are kinda getting slow around here. It’s past the 4th of July, and while June was a hot month for shows, you can bet things are going to creep to a halt by the time mid-August gets here. That’s not to say that things are by any means dead - July boasts acts like [...]

New Music: Olivia Rose Muzzy

Iowa City’s favorite double bass-wielding loop mistress has a Daytrotter session. Over the 4th of July weekend while we were bathed in jazz and/or indie rock and fireworks, our good friends over at Daytrotter posted the hotly anticipated (in certain circles) session from Ms. Olivia Rose Muzzy. Olivia turned in four splendid performances of songs [...]