New Book: Gooseberries: Portraits by Sterling Andrews

Back in April (ancient history, I know), one-time Iowa City resident Sterling Andrews released a book via Eenie Meenie Records. The book, entitled Gooseberries, features portraits of indie artists from the California music scene, specifically Southern California, where Andrews currently resides in Los Angeles. Part art project, part piece of art, Gooseberries features a series of 11×11 lithographs of bands such as Silversun Pickups, Rogue Wave, Earlimart, Great Northern, and a slew of other lesser known bands including Rademacher, who I’ve been quite fond of for some time. There are only 500 of these, and while I’m fairly confident that they haven’t sold out, you never know. Now, I personally have not seen this book, but Sterling was nice enough to drop me a note letting me know about it, and it sounds like a great project. If you have $55 to drop and find yourself seeking out a new coffee table book, this is your jam. This also includes a DVD of interviews, videos of the photo shoots, and still images.

So, you’re thinking, how does this apply to me? Well, for one, Andrews also plays in the band Eagle Winged Palace (Park the Van Records), so someday perhaps you’ll see them live and go up to her and say, “Hey, I read about your book on Mission Freak!” And she will appreciate that you know about it. But more than that, projects like this are important documents and works of art. And while in 20 years, the general populace may not remember Rogue Wave, that’s why compilations like Nuggets exist; to document an era that defines something for a lot of people, even though it may not define that era for the majority of people. So think of it this way - in 20 years, the 500 people who have one of these will probably treasure it as an important part of this time in their life. You may want one too.

To make things complete, have a download below of my favorite Rogue Wave song, “Temporary,” from 2006’s Descended Like Vultures.
As an added bonus, grab Rademacher’s “MAGIC MTN PKWY” from their ERA EP as well. If you’ve never heard this band, they are consistently putting out their own excellent releases, and consistently on the verge of getting the national attention they deserve.

Download: Rogue Wave - Temporary

Download: Rademacher - MAGIC MTN PKWY

Buy the book right here.

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