Freakin’ Weekend: 7.30-8.1

This is the moving special! Every year ’round this time half of Iowa City packs it’s entire life into boxes, back seats of cars, rental trucks, or curb sides.

Aseethe w. Shores of the Tundra / your speakers / all day / $10
Pack. Save the speakers till the end. Scenester Credentials recently put out a split 12″ of two great local metal greats. Aseethe specializes in long builds of overdriven, baritone guitar fleshed out with electronic ticks and blips, and bolstered by industrial drums. Flip the record over for short stabs of fierocity. Shores of the Tundra fit right along side your Ghengis Tron records or loudly fill the void that techno metal god Nine Inch Nails left. Record Collector has it on the shelves and it’s only a ten-spot.

Funny People / Coral Ridge or Sycamore / CR: 12:40 & 3:55; Syc: 12:10 & 3:20 / Matinees are up to $6 or more now aren’t they?
You’re homeless. It’s July. There’s no way that even with one of the most temperate July’s on record that it won’t be miserable. Yeah, it’s totally because you don’t have a place too. It’s for days like this that God invented matinees. And in this era of Will Farrell comedies with 6-minute premises stretched to hour and a half movies, thank Judd Apatow for bringing character development and real human issues and emotions back to mainstream comedy. Funny People opens on Friday. You’ll be sore from loading your life into your Taurus, sit down with some popcorn and chill.

Tha Chronic / your speakers / all day and all night / FREE (you better own it already)
Unpack. Buy a sixer or two. Get the speakers out first. This is some triumphant shit, man, and you need some triumphant beats to soundtrack it. You’re moving into your home. This is your place for the next year. And you’re making it your own. Declare your arrival with some old-school, West Coast jams that announce to the world, your neighbors, and your landlord (who regrets letting you sign a lease now) that you’re here mother fucker!

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