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It’s been a minute or two since we’ve heard from our man in Los Angeles, Slanty Shanty Records head Corey Gingerich. But this weekend he sent an electronic goodie-bag our way, and tonight I’m putting it on the airwaves. Corey’s been busy over at SSR since he uprooted from the Midwest seeking the coastal climes of LA. The big news: SSR has itself a tape club. Along with the regular roster of long-players, Gingerich has recruited some SSR talent as well as some outside players for a choice cut or two that gets put to cassette and distributed to those smart enough and lucky enough to have held on to their tape decks. If you click on that hyperlink above (tape club) you can get yourself a bit more info, however, if you want to get down to the nitty gritty of all of it, Corey’s gonna be on the airwaves with me tonight to discuss this and other SSR-related happenings. Turn it to 89.7 FM or navigate your browsers here to stream it.

In the meantime, here’s one of those tasty tunes Corey sent our way. It’s a remix of Hawnay Troof’s  “Underneath the Ocean” by ANAVAN. I predict you gon’ enjoy this one.

Download: Hawnay Troof - Underneath the Ocean (ANAVAN remix)

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