Freakin’ Weekend: 08.27-08.29

This, the first weekend of the semester, is a great time to be in Iowa City, especially if you’re a film lover. This late summer weather is supposed to clear up but stay cool, with forecasts calling for sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s, meaning it’s a perfect day to meander downtown, but not so nice that you won’t mind sidling into a movie for an hour or several. Of course, in addition to this weekend being the first weekend of semester programming for the Bijou Theatre, it also happens to be the 3rd Annual Landlocked Film Festival, an annual celebration of film in Iowa City that’s almost entirely free. The films begin Thursday night at 7pm, and run through Sunday, with only the Friday and Saturday night headlining presentations costing $5. Even better, there’s not a lot of stuff going on musically this weekend, so take this opportunity to get out and see some diverse programming.

Landlocked Film Festival / Englert Theatre / 7pm / FREE
The first film of the festival is going to be a don’t miss, for sure: Garbage Dreams comes from Egypt and details the lives of Cairo’s “garbage people,” some 60,000 residents who make a living by collecting the trash of Cairo and recycling 80% of what they find. Specifically, this documentary follows three boys as they face the reality of their lifestyle being taken away by multinational corporations.

Shame Train with Miles Nielsen / Mill / 9pm / $6
It wouldn’t be the Freakin’ Weekend without a little music thrown in, so don’t miss an opportunity to knock back some whiskey and bask in the dusty Americana of Shame Train at the Mill. Miles Nielsen joins them on this evening.

Landlocked Film Festival / Englert Theatre / All Day / FREE*
Saturday night at Landlocked is headlined by the Iowa premiere of 16 to Life, an indie drama directed by Iowan Becky Smith. This film deals with a rural American teenager trying to find love on the eve of her 16th birthday. Of course, this film will cost $5 admission, which allows you to stay for the late screening of Bronx Paradise. During the afternoon, you’ll have the difficult choice of going to the Danish Film Program (2:45, Englert) or Shorts Program #3 (3:15, Public Library), which features a short documentary on 6-on-6 women’s basketball in pre-Title IX Iowa.

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Todd is a transplant from the East Coast who came to Iowa City to live life, love music, and enjoy cheap beer. In addition to working on Mission Freak and Mission Creek Festival, he writes semi-regularly for Tiny Mix Tapes and Daytrotter and books music and other events at local non-profit venue Public Space ONE.

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