Wolftraxx: Database vs. French Horn Rebellion - Beaches and Friends

Well look who’s bloggin’. It’s me, Mikko Wolf, with a new column called Wolftraxx (right?) featuring some of the best new music in electronic and dance. But I might also write about upcoming shows, facial hair trends, cute animals, etc. For example:

This Tuesday the dance party at the Yacht Club (curated by, um, me) will feature some international talent as opposed to the local acts who’re usually on the decks. From Brazil, Yuri Chix and Lucio Morais are Database. The two have played some of Brazil’s biggest festivals including TIM in 2008 with the Klaxons, MGMT, and Kanye West, and Haagen Dazs Mix Music Festival with VHS or Beta and Uffie. The largest newspaper in São Paolo, Folha de São Paulo, named Database “The Best New Producers” of 2009. Rraurl.com named Database’s “Ugly Edits vol. 1″ the Best compilation of 2008. So yeah, they’re good.

Also on the bill is the French Horn Rebellion, making their second stop at the Yacht Club. The Rebellion is two brothers, one of whom produced an MGMT EP, and they have been touring in support of their self-titled release featuring the single “Up All Night.” And why are these two duos on the bill together? Well, their collaborative single “Beaches and Friends” is but one of many reasons. The other is that its a killer dance music tag team.

The two groups will be doing sets individually as well as a transitional collaborative set to support their joint single. Hot damn.

Do you want more??!?! Mp3’s to stream and download are below.  And yes, all of my posts will be this hott.

Download: Database vs. French Horn Rebellion - Beaches and Friends

Download: French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night

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