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Grinnell College is the Colin Greenwood of Iowa music. Tucked away in rural Iowa about an hour from Iowa City, Grinnell College is notorious for bringing prominent indie rock acts to play their establishment. I take it many of you, myself included, did not take the trip a few weeks ago to see Pitchfork faves lo-fi noise punkers Wavves play at Grinnell. By doing so, you not only missed what was presumably a great show, but you also missed seeing Wavves’ new drummer Zach Hill (HELLA) rip apart a drumset like the T-Rex from J-Park. Now ask yourself Why?

Why? Is fucking right. Grinnell has shown up the Iowa City music scene once again by bringing California indie/hip-hop gurus Why? to their Midwest establishment of higher learning. Led by Yoni Wolf, Why? have made great strides mixing indie rock guitar riffs with slamming beats and dark, introspective rhymes. However, their newest release Eskimo Snow strays far from their previous efforts. With lyrical melodies more similar to Peter Bjorn and John and beats that breathe and exhale instead of hyperventilate. Eskimo Snow is more about the space between the words and hits. Recorded at the same time as their sophomore release Alopecia, Why?’s latest could be considered a b-sides to it’s predecessor, but the album is surprisingly cohesive and well composed. Think Pet Sounds meets early Beck. I cannot see another opportunity for many to see Why? within 60 miles of Iowa City so it’s best not to miss this show. Plus…it’s free. So call your friend who isn’t really your friend but you keep him around because he has a car, and go get groovy at Grinnell.

Download: Why? - Even the Good Wood Gone

Who: Why? w. The Moore Brothers
Where: Grinnell College
When: Today (11.12) 9 pm
Cover: FREE

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