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Forgive us the early notice, but it’s just Monday morning and I’m already downright giddy about next Sunday’s show at Public Space ONE, which features A Sunny Day in Glasgow. A Sunny Day in Glasgow is a Philadelphia sextet (when touring, at least) creating atmospheric, dynamic pop with sample and electronic based techniques. And their new album, Ashes Grammar (Mis Ojos Discos), is undoubtedly one of the best of the year, having received high praise from the likes of Pitchfork (8.3), Coke Machine Glow (88%), and Drowned in Sound (8 of 10).

Ashes Grammar, the ever-changing band’s 2nd full-length, is quite simply a dreamy, hazy bit of expansive pop music. It’s also kind of long at one hour, with bits of sound experimentation (like the 00:22 of “Lights”) blending seamlessly between fully fleshed out bits of pop like “Shy” and “Passionate Introverts (Dinosaurs).” It’s an album that’s dreamy, but not surreal; transportative but not trippy. The songs effuse reverb, dousing their repetitive phrasings and samples with echo. They bounce with the whimsy of Animal Collective but also reverberate with the volume of My Bloody Valentine. Songs twist into and out of each other as guitars drone around you and wisps of vocals drift by. Pop music experiments with noise. Noise music experiments with pop. Each of these experiment with their own self. All the while this manages to be a decidedly unpretentious album. It retains a degree of accessibility despite its uniqueness and wholeness. I love it. I can’t wait for this show.

In keeping with the theme, two of Iowa City’s solo musicians who blur the lines of pop and experimental music open this show. Alex Body (of Twelve Canons) and Schuyler Peterson, aka GREY (coyote) of Bear Weather will both perform solo sets to get the night started.

Download: A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Shy

Who: A Sunny Day in Glasgow with Alex Body, GREY (coyote)
When: Sunday, November 22
Where: Public Space ONE
How Much: $5

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Todd is a transplant from the East Coast who came to Iowa City to live life, love music, and enjoy cheap beer. In addition to working on Mission Freak and Mission Creek Festival, he writes semi-regularly for Tiny Mix Tapes and Daytrotter and books music and other events at local non-profit venue Public Space ONE.

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  1. Seriously, Alex Body is worth this alone. Not kidding, my favorite new Iowa City musical happening.

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