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University of Iowa graduate with BAs in English and Cinema Studies. John bides his time as a staff writer for and with contributions to Little Village Magazine ( John hosts an hour-long show on Monday's at 5 pm through the University of Iowa's radio station 89.7 FM KRUI ( dedicated to Iowa music. "Corn Fed Music" is a showcase for Iowa artists, musicians formerly from Iowa, and acts visiting Iowa. This is a forum open for guest DJs, in studio performances, interviews, and new material offered to those who may not have access to larger media outlets. If you're interested in getting a song played, an interview, or performing a short set (20-45 min) in studio you can contact John at

Freakin’ Friday 8.07

Do you like music? Well, tonight’s a doozie. There’s nearly something for everyone. And in a town the size of Iowa City, that’s a pretty stunning feat. Buckle your force-belts, kids, this is a special Freakin’ Weekend rundown of this freakin’ fully loaded Friday. 
Cave of Spirit
Sewn Leather w. Russian Tsarlag, SHV, Parts & Pieces of Past [...]

Preview: Decisions, decisions…

Tonight all the young, cool people aren’t just trying to decide whether they’re going dance or catch some live jams, now if they land on the latter, they have to pick which show they want to see.
The Mill has a full roster of “tempting melodies and accomplished songcraft,” according to the venue’s calendar, and I [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 7.30-8.1

This is the moving special! Every year ’round this time half of Iowa City packs it’s entire life into boxes, back seats of cars, rental trucks, or curb sides.
Aseethe w. Shores of the Tundra / your speakers / all day / $10
Pack. Save the speakers till the end. Scenester Credentials recently put out a split [...]

New Music: Olivia Rose Muzzy

Iowa City’s favorite double bass-wielding loop mistress has a Daytrotter session. Over the 4th of July weekend while we were bathed in jazz and/or indie rock and fireworks, our good friends over at Daytrotter posted the hotly anticipated (in certain circles) session from Ms. Olivia Rose Muzzy. Olivia turned in four splendid performances of songs [...]

Video: Bill Callahan

This past weekend The Picador played host to Bill Callahan—the artist formerly known as both Smog and (Smog). Callahan put on a wonderful show relying heavily on material from his critically lauded new record Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle. Mission Freak friend Soheil Rezayazdi nabbed two sweet performances.
The first is a spare rendition [...]

Freakin’ Peek: Porno Galactica

‘Round here we can get a bit full of ourselves, but I don’t think it’s any stretch to say that the Porno Galactica stuff on KRUI last night was pretty freakin’ awesome. You heard tracks four and five—”Sea Beast Released” and “Spills and Thrills” respectively—off the duo’s debut full-length Romance in the Modern World out [...]

Freakin’ Peek Alert: Porno Galactica

It’s a busy night on Corn-Fed Music this evening. Not only am I  rolling out some brand new tunes from Portland via Fairfield, IA beatmasters Porno Galactica but I also have Iowa City’s most vitriolic alt-country rocker Matthew Grimm in studio to play some songs and chat.
Grimm’s got a new-ish record out, The Ghost of [...]

Preview: Laura Gibson, Musée Mécanique and Rock Plaza Central

Our friends over at Daytrotter have teamed up with a trio of our Mission Creek friends for a really sweet bill in Rock Island, IL on Monday night featuring Laura Gibson, Musée Mécanique and Rock Plaza Central. That is a night of super intimate, delicate music right there; a beautiful way to begin your week.
Gibson [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 6.04-6.06

Monday, Conan FINALLY took over for that talentless chin and O’Brien’s delivered the goods pretty consistently over his first three shows-I know, the long haul is what counts-save on the musical front. Pearl Jam gave a bizarrely stilted performance (me thinks Vedder wasn’t happy about the levels), Green Day played that cloying “Know Your Enemy” [...]

Preview: Iowa Arts Festival

This week has taken a handful of us by surprise. Suddenly a week without any thing of particular note has become one of the best for live music since this the 2009 Mission Creek Festival this past spring. On top of a slew of really great music in all four of Iowa City’s downtown venues [...]