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New Music: Ghostly Mixtape!

Whenever you see an image of that little white ghost you know an electronica bomb is about to drop all over yr grill. The laptop and turntable loving folks at XLR8R magazine recently put together an exclusive DJ mix of selections from the vast Ghostly International Records catalog. For years, Michigan-based Ghostly has been one […]

Freakin' Weekend: 1.31-2.02

Freakin’ Weekend: 1.31-2.02

With this week’s primaries over and the ranks officially thinned, we’ve got our sights set squarely on next Tuesday, aka Super Tuesday, after which we should have a better idea of who will next be in charge of our great nation. Iowa’s 15 minutes are officially up, but we still can’t help being enthralled by […]

Preview: Solon Saturdays

Mission Creek and the Redhead Restaurant (in Solon) present a new concert series. The first Saturday of every month this hip and tasty bistro will play host to a collection of musicians from the area. This Saturday, February 2nd, come out and enjoy the first Solon Saturday shakedown. Featuring Matthew Wright, Caleb Engstrom, and Andre […]


Oi Folks, Things are shaping up here in festival land. In addition to previously announced acts CURSIVE, DAN DEACON, and keynote fiction genius BEN MARCUS, we take great pleasure in adding EVANGELICALS and HEADLIGHTS to the line-up for Mission Creek Festival 2008. If you have yet to hear the Evangelicals stunning new album, The Evening […]

Justify My Love: New Gnarls Barkley! (Exclusive?!) [Party’s over]

The swift kick of justice: without so much as a warning, BlueHost yanked our whole site offline until I called and removed the offending file. Fun while it lasted… Just another manic Monday. I think we’ve got a new Gnarls Barkley track on our hands, called “Run.” Rolling Stone has already heard a few songs, […]

Preview: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Preview: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Do you live under a rock? Is that your style? Do you crave the cold and the darkness? Have you not heard of the best website in the Midwest, Daytrotter? You shock me man, you shock me. OK, I’ll calm down a bit… but here’s the deal if you’re not already into Daytrotter, here’s your […]

Freakin’ Weekend: 1.24-1.26

The Holiday season is over, sub-zero temperatures are keeping everyone indoors, layers of ice and snow blanket the ground, and, oh yeah, school is back in session. If the bleak realities of late January in Iowa City have you feeling a little down lately, take heart. According at least one scientist with a great deal […]

Preview: Matthew Pryor

Preview: Matthew Pryor

When he takes the stage of the Picador on Saturday night, it won’t be as a part of the many projects he’s been involved with, but rather as a solo identity, being billed as Matthew Pryor (of the New Amsterdams). Presumably, we’ll be hearing Pryor play tunes he’s penned for his largely acoustic solo project-turned […]

Preview: Illinois John Fever

Preview: Illinois John Fever

Lots of big news coming out of Illinois John Fever camp these days, including that snazzy new website that I just linked to. The IJF have been rather dormant in the public eye for some months now, but their behind-closed-doors labors have been far from fruitless. First and foremost comes the announcement that they’ve begun […]

Review: The Walkmen

At heart, the Walkmen are the loud and dirty rockers that Leonard Cohen always secretly wished he could be. They assault their songs with the fury of Malotov cocktails yet wrap them in a knowing intelligence and emotional touch that make comparisons to Cohen (and Dylan too) so appropriate. On Saturday, a couple of us […]