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Half-handed CloudShall we get our New Testament on? Hope about a little Christian rock, eh? And we ain’t talking about no cheesy emo Tooth n’ Nail band. We’re talking about John Ringhofer and his little pop project, Half-handed Cloud. While dropping their twee science all over the Bay Area these Asthmatic Kitty vets have helped pave the way for a sort of Christian rock that breaks from the traditions and shackles of Contemporary Christian Music. These guys can wear God on their sleeves but still be creative. Yet there’s more to this story than the good news: any fan of falling into a K (Records) hole, occasional lo-fi orchestral arrangements, and upfront tender vocals will have themselves a ball with Half-handed Cloud. The real good news is that they’re playing Wednesday, April 23rd at Huckleberry’s Pizza in Rock Island, IL. Send praises to Daytrotter for booking this show in their ongoing series of bringing fine shows to the Quad Cities. The show starts at 7PM and with Olympia, Washington’s Lake opening. I knew I smelled some K (Records) around here.

Get there on time ’cause these shows run on a much-appreciated tight schedule. Huckleberry’s is located at 223 18th Street in Rock Island, IL. The cost: $5 but save a few more bucks to get yourself a small but delicious calzone. And while you’re at it, get yourself a beer. Oh Hell, why not some beer nuggets? And by “Hell”, I meant “heck”.

Half-handed Cloud on Myspace: Here

Download: Half-Handed Cloud - Animals are Cut in Two

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