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Lit: War of the Worlds

More Halloween fun: Oh, you wanna be scared out of your fucking mind? Check out this reading of the War of the Worlds courtesy of one of America’s great auteurs, Orson Welles. [Click Here] He read this on October 30th, 1938 and while I wasn’t there to witness it I’m sure it scared people shitless. […]

Saturday Festivities: Happy Chromosomes and more!

So, the thing about Sub Pop is that they should sign the Happy Chromosomes. It’s really impressive that such a young band — high school, yo — is so on top of their indie-pop game. They would fit right onto the Sub Pop roster or even it’s little sister label, Hardly Art. But alas, those […]

Freakin' Halloweekend: 10.31

Freakin’ Halloweekend: 10.31

Ahh, Halloween. America’s favorite secular holiday, and a night when the dead are said to revisit the mortal world. Spooky, eh? While the youngsters will be out trick or treating in the early evening, you’ll doubtless be getting your costume on for whatever party it is you’re headed for on the night that 20-somethings get […]

Freakin’ Peek Alert: Wolves in the Attic

We’re jumping the gun on this one here, but with good reason: we’ve got news.  But that’ll come a little later. First, on Monday, we have the opening track from the upcoming Wolves in the Attic record, Electronic Hearts.  This one is near and dear to the hearts of your intrepid freakers.  This is the debut […]

Freakin’ Peek: The Tanks pt. II

You got a taste of the latest by The Tanks last night, and now you can have this for keeps.  You can pop it on your iPod, mash it on a mixtape, rock it on your hardrive whenever you damn well please.  So here ya go, kiddies, enjoy. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download: […]

Preview: Last Minute House Show!

Late breaking arts news?  Yeah, I know: weird.  It doesn’t happen often, so when it does, all us arty kids get all crazy with the exclamation points!  (Now we know how real reporters feel.) It was just announced early Friday morning that Chouser would once again be hosting a jam-packed house show this very evening. […]

Freakin’ Peek: The Tanks pt. I

It’s been two years since Iowa City’s favorite hot-dog weilding band The Tanks put out their debut, Summon Creature, and we have missed them so.  But the hiatus is over, kiddies.  We’re just days away from The Tanks‘ sophomore release, Keep Breaking Down, hitting store shelves.  Oh yeah, and a wicked record release show at […]

Freakin' Weekend: 10.23-10.25

Freakin’ Weekend: 10.23-10.25

Doubtless, you are already looking forward to next weekend as we cruise into this weekend. But just because Halloween is looming on the horizon doesn’t mean that Iowa City is shutting down this week. And while you’re thinking about dressing up for next weekend, some of us in town are already getting down to the […]

Freakin’ Peek: Nethervoid pt. II

Mp3 repaired! This is it.  The big day.  Now you can get your grubby hands on this juicy mp3.  If you had your dial tuned to KRUI last night, you were among the first to hear “Wyrm of World’s End” off Nethervoid‘s upcoming record, Sirens of the Blistering Light.  If it was your thing (and […]

Preview: Musee Mecanique

Preview: Musee Mecanique

Tonight is the third straight week of can’t miss Tuesdays over at the Mill as part of the newly introduced Tuesday Night Social Club. This week, Portland’s Musee Mecanique will be rolling into town with a new album in tow. Hold This Ghost, released on September 30 by Frog Stand Records, is an updated version […]