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New Music: Musee Mecanique on Daytrotter

Mission Creek/Freak friends Musee Mecanique are rolling into town Saturday, but you already knew that.  But a little icing on the cake: our buddies over at Daytrotter threw up a “preview” of this weekend’s show.  The set features a quartet of tunes from the Portland, Oregon quintet’s latest Pitchfork-ok’d, Little Village-loved record, Hold This Ghost.  These gents have […]

Freakin' Weekend: 1.29-1.31

Freakin’ Weekend: 1.29-1.31

‘Tis the big weekend, perhaps the most revered weekend in American sports. Few single events take precedence over this Sunday in America - partly because our other most revered championships - the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Finals - fail to feature the single game draw of the Super Bowl. And while plenty […]

Corn Fed Preview: Strap on Your Dancin’ Shoes

I don’t know if there’s something in the water, but 2009 is shaping up to be a year for body-movin’.  We’ve already been blessed with not one but two solid electronic bills that have gotten heads noddin’ and booties bouncin’ and on top of that we just had some science dropped on us by DIY DJ(s) Cuticle.  So […]

New Music: Cuticle Mixtape - Baby Games I

New Music: Cuticle Mixtape - Baby Games I

Not that you needed confirmation, but the show at the Mill on Friday night did indeed confirm that everyone from indie snobs to DiY freaks to preps, geeks, gays, straights, rockers, mods, blacks, whites and Puerto Ricans has embraced dance music in one form or another.  Dance is everywhere right now-even disco is huge again, […]

Freakin' Weekend: 01.22-01.24

Freakin’ Weekend: 01.22-01.24

That was fuckin’ sweet. Thursday My Dear Disco @ Physical Challenge / Picador / 10pm / FREE You know about Physical Challenge, the Picador’s weekly installment of dance grooves and sleaze, but do you know My Dear Disco? The Michigan combo will be stopping off to play the upstairs of the club this week in […]


It’s darn cold outside so we’ve been inside putting together Mission Creek Festival 2009. There is still A LOT of work to do but we thought we’d share some of our early confirmed musical acts: GZA/GENIUS (of WU-TANG CLAN) performing LIQUID SWORDS THE MOUNTAIN GOATS JOHN VANDERSLICE FRUIT BATS BOWERBIRDS THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH HEADLIGHTS SIMON JOYNER […]

Corn Fed Music

On Monday, January 26th The University of Iowa’s radio station, 89.7 FM KRUI, will have a brand new theme show: Corn Fed Music.  This hour-long program at 5 - 6 pm every Monday will be dedicated to Iowa musicians, artists formerly from Iowa, and bands coming into town.  As well as being a forum for […]

Preview: Will Whitmore, The Donkeys, others in Rock Island

Preview: Will Whitmore, The Donkeys, others in Rock Island

Saturday night, of course, we’ve already pointed you toward the show at the Yacht Club, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, we’d like to invite you to head for the Mississippi and check out William Elliott Whitmore performing at Rock Island Brewing Co. in anticipation of Animals in the Dark, his forthcoming Anti- debut. The […]

Freakin’ (sneak) Peek: Liberty Leg

I know we already gave you the head’s up on this one yesterday, but we’ve got a bit more to say on Liberty Leg.  Actually, it’s more along the lines of letting the band speak for itself.  You see, we got us a copy of the band’s EP, Shaking, which is what all the celebrating […]

Freakin' Weekend: 1.15-1.17

Freakin’ Weekend: 1.15-1.17

Oh, man. Winter sure seems to have it in for us this year. And I know that it’s lame to talk about the weather when that’s all it seems anyone can talk about, but with today set to be the worst day of the week, we’re all wrapped up in coats, scarves, and dread. But […]