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New Music: Polite Sleeper on RCRD LBL

New Music: Polite Sleeper on RCRD LBL

Couldn’t be better timing for Polite Sleeper to show up with a brand new RCRD LBL download for your ears. The Brooklyn trio, a self-described “folk mess” with a direct musical lineage to the Mountain Goats, will be appearing at Mission Creek as part of a Friday night Java House performance. “Three Easy Steps” is […]

Freakin’ Weekend: 2.26 - 2.28

Every one’s got it.  No, not that cold and flu stuff.  Well, okay, every one’s got that; but everyone also has Slumdog Fever.  All those who didn’t make it to the multi-plexes before the Oscars are on a quest to catch it while they can.  But if you’re like us: you’ve been there, done that, […]

New Music: Cursive - From the Hips

New Music: Cursive - From the Hips

For the better part of 15 years, Tim Kasher has been putting out drunk Midwestern anthems with either Cursive or the Good Life, and we’ve been pretty lucky to be along for most of that ride. Last we saw Tim, he was stumbling out of the Mill following Cursive’s sold out show at the Mill […]

Freakin’ Peek: Birth Rites

So you got a little taste of that new Birth Rites on Monday and you want more, I know.  We got just what you’re looking for.  We’ve got one of those demos from the band’s upcoming debut, All Success Stories, on Mission Freak Records.  Just down there, yeah right there, we’ve got the Jaws-referencing cut, […]

Justify My Love: Guys with Plinking Things Edition

It’s tough to keep the momentum going, you know? Back when this website started,  I was going to have a full-fledged column, and it was going to be called Justify My Love, and I was going to post 3 or so mp3s and talk about music I like and stuff.  That happened exactly once.  Luckily, […]

Preview: These Arms Are Snakes

Preview: These Arms Are Snakes

Awesome rock show alert: Wednesday night These Arms Are Snakes roll into town in support of their third album, Tail Swallower and Dove. The Seattle quartet released their new disc late last year via Suicide Squeeze after spending time on DC based Jade Tree for their first two releases. You can expect chunky riffs cutting […]

Video: Slanty Shanty Records

Oh, Internets, thank you.  From all of us who should be doing something better, or who need to pretend we’re doing something better, we thank you from the bottom of our empty hearts.  According to recent statistics, around 15 hours of video are uploaded on to every minute, so you’d better take this as […]

Corn Fed Music: Birth Rites

Tonight on Corn Fed Music, I’ll be sitting down with Birth Ritesbass player Jarrett Hothan for the second half hour of the show.  The Illinois transports handed me a six song demo a couple weeks ago, and we’ll be playing a few songs on the air and chatting with Hothan about the band’s upcoming release […]

Freakin’ Weekend: William Elliott Whitmore Edition

William Elliott Whitmore‘s bringing it all back home this weekend.  Iowa’s native son has a new record out on ANTI-, Animals in the Dark, and he feels like celebrating.  And he’s upped the ante this time around.  Back in ’06, when Whitmore’s last record (Song of the Blackbird) hit shelves, the troubadour hit us with […]

Mission Creek Festival: NO AGE (Just Added)

Noisy. Atmospheric. Hooky. Dirty. Rocking. These are all words that can be used to describe No Age‘s sound. The Los Angeles band has enjoyed a mercurial rise to prominence in the last couple of years on the strength of two records, Wierdo Rippers, and the massively acclaimed Nouns (Pitchfork’s #3 album of the year.) The […]