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Festival Preview: No Age

We’ve been lavishing a lot of attention on GZA as of late—understandably so—however, as these previews have indicated, we’re excited about a few other things. Perhaps a close second in our hearts to The Genius are these two scrappy kids from Los Angeles who go by the name No Age. The duo has built what […]

Festival Preview: Copyright Criminals

We spend a lot of time talking about music here at, but we love us some books and film too. You know what we love even more?: When you combine some of that stuff. That’s what University of Iowa Communications Professor Kebrew McLeod and cohort Benjamin Franzen have done in Copyright Criminals. Copyright Criminals […]

Festival Preview: KRUI In-Studios

89.7 KRUI has taken up—or maybe even created—the mantle of the official radio station of the Mission Creek Midwest Music Festival. Dudes are sponsoring free pizza for tonight’s Social Club/Festival Pre-Party, brought in the Cool Kids (for FREE), and the station has worked it’s 25-year-old butt off to land some totally sweet in-studio appearances from […]

Corn-Fed Music: Mission Creek Preview

Oh damn, we’re getting pretty meta here—a preview for a preview? Oh well, that’s what this is. Tonight, on Corn-Fed Music I’ll be talking with my Mission Creek/Freak cohorts from 5-6pm. We’ll spin some more tunes from festival artists, talk a bit about how grueling it is to book a festival, maybe chat a bit […]

Festival Preview: The Tallest Man on Earth

In many ways writing about Scandinavian singer/songwriter Kristian Matsson a/k/a The Tallest Man on Earth is quickly becoming one of the more difficult tasks in music journalism. Tallest Man feels, at first blush, like part of that writer’s workshop rejected acoustic guitar-toting set of troubadours that litter indie-rock airwaves and (almost cloyingly) occupy your girlfriend’s […]

Festival Preview: These United States

Festival Preview: These United States

Imagine: indie rockers bound to the road in an endless odyssey to ply their trade to any willing listeners in strange markets far across the land. Well, in 2009 that seems far from far-fetched, but These United States is like a truck with a destiny to see these united states in all their fair glory. […]

Preview / Interview: Handsome Furs

It’s appropriate that Montreal husband and wife duo Handsome Furs are rolling into our backyards only days before the 4th annual Mission Creek Festival. Dan Boeckner (also a principle songwriter in Candian super-group, Wolf Parade) and wife Alexei Perry know what it’s like to live in a small market, “I drove 200 miles to see […]

Festival Preview: GZA live at the Englert

Festival Preview: GZA live at the Englert

This is the big one. We could not be more excited to be kicking off this year’s Mission Creek Festival with a special, once in a lifetime appearance at the Englert Theatre from the GZA. If ya ain’t in the know, now’s the time: GZA, of course, is a founding member of legendary New York […]

Mission Freak SXSW Round-Up: Saturday

I finally felt like I had gotten my legs back under me from our overnight drive, and I was going to need them for a final Saturday that was all about walking. I got up on the early side (10:30) and hit the street early to see what was going down. By 11:15, the line […]

Freakin' Weekend: 3.26-3.28

Freakin’ Weekend: 3.26-3.28

It’s arguably the most exciting time of year. Tourney time? Oh, there’s that too. But I’m thinking about Mission Creek Festival 2009, which kicks off next Wednesday with the legendary GZA performing at the Englert Theatre. This weekend in theory should be about resting up for our annual weekend of music, literature, and revelry, but […]