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Freakin' Weekend: 4.30-5.02

Freakin’ Weekend: 4.30-5.02

So, X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes out this weekend, and it looks totally absurd and awesome (ed note: THIS MOVIE IS UTTER CRAP). They could, and probably should have taken the route the Dark Knight did and embraced the totally evil, and not cartoonish at all nature of the title character. Instead, Wolverine looks like it’s […]

Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1: Darfur

Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1: Darfur

Because it’s a good cause, and because it’s stacked with some awesome and truly out there artists, I’d encourage you to pick up the brand new Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1: Darfur compilation that’s just been released by the blog/news/review site. Full disclosure: I write for this website, but this is hardly a shameless plug. […]

Freakin' Weekend: 4.23-4.25

Freakin’ Weekend: 4.23-4.25

As springtime in Iowa City gets real, and manages to actually stay warm every day (something that should happen in the next two weeks), we know that a lot of you are going to be fighting that inner battle that happens this time every year: study for finals or hang loose, get outside, and just […]

Preview: French Kicks

Preview: French Kicks

Tomorrow night should be a no-brainer. French Kicks, a band I’ve wanted to see come to Iowa City for some time now, is finally going to be rolling through town as a part of their current tour. So if you’re a usual Physical Challenge regular, then you need to be ponying up the 10 bucks […]

New Music: Be Kind to Yr Neighbor

As one half of most of your favorite Iowa City duos, we’ve come to expect a lot from Ed Bornstein, and he delivers again with his latest two-man-band be kind to yr neighbor. Bornstein has paired up with ex Weather is Happening front man Dan Davis for a dark, dense project that belies the goofy […]

Corn-Fed Music: Wye Oak

We’ve got some serious love for Wye Oak going right now, and I swear this is the last of it…for now. Tonight, I’ll be sitting down with the Baltimore, MD duo for some conversation and some tunes on 89.7 FM KRUI, before they amble on over to Public Space ONE for a show with indie-pop […]

Preview / Contest: The Deep Vibration + Roman Candle

Things are gonna get dirty and Southern-fried on Sunday night at the Mill. The Deep Vibration is rolling through town with their vibrant mix of classic rock, alt. country, and deep Southern soul. If this sounds like it could be something like the Black Crowes, well it should, ’cause these guys are set to rock […]

Freak Focus: Wye Oak, pt. 2

Freak Focus: Wye Oak, pt. 2

Every once in a while, a band comes along that we just really can’t stop gushing about. Those are the bands that we consistently rep on the blog, or that you’ve probably seen play multiple Mission Creek associated shows. Without a doubt, Wye Oak is one of those bands. So much so, that I’m reinstating […]

Freakin' Weekend: 4.16-4.18

Freakin’ Weekend: 4.16-4.18

Why is that dude holding up a trophy? Because he won the 2008 World Barista Championships, something you probably didn’t even imagine existed. Well, the 2009 WBC is going down this weekend in Atlanta, meaning one of the world’s greatest gathering of nerds not interested in some form of gaming is taking place as we […]

Preview/Contest: Wye Oak + Pomegranates

Preview/Contest: Wye Oak + Pomegranates

Next Monday (4/20!) Public Space ONE has a killer indie rock extravaganza coming to town featuring one of our favorite bands of the last year, Wye Oak, and a band we’ve been looking forward to seeing for some time now, Pomegranates. Wye Oak, of course, killed it at the Mill alongside some of our other […]