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Wolftraxx: Database vs. French Horn Rebellion - Beaches and Friends

Well look who’s bloggin’. It’s me, Mikko Wolf, with a new column called Wolftraxx (right?) featuring some of the best new music in electronic and dance. But I might also write about upcoming shows, facial hair trends, cute animals, etc. For example: This Tuesday the dance party at the Yacht Club (curated by, um, me) […]

Mission Freak Records on KRUI

Once again from the Shameless Self-Promotion desk: Mission Freak Records is slated to take over the KRUI airwaves from 5-6 pm this evening on Corn Fed Music. We’ll be talking about the news of this past summerand what MFR has in store for the future. To listen to Mission Freak Records representatives Andre Perry and […]



Well, no one called me on my error on Friday, so either that means that no one reads the blog or no one really noticed, but I might as well call myself out on it now: in this week’s Freakin’ Weekend I blatantly misread the calendar at the Mill and wrote the Shame Train was […]

Freakin' Weekend: 08.27-08.29

Freakin’ Weekend: 08.27-08.29

This, the first weekend of the semester, is a great time to be in Iowa City, especially if you’re a film lover. This late summer weather is supposed to clear up but stay cool, with forecasts calling for sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s, meaning it’s a perfect day to meander downtown, but not […]

Exposure: Mission Freak on Break Thru Radio

Exposure: Mission Freak on Break Thru Radio

Whoa! This just in from the Shameless Self-Promotion Department: a couple of Mission Freak bands are featured on the show Crop Circles on Break Thru Radio, an online streaming radio station. The show is hosted by DJ NoCoast, who highlights bands from the Midwest in her hour-long streaming segment. On this edition, you can hear […]

New Music: ANAVAN

Freakin' Weekend: Camp Dirtbag!

Freakin’ Weekend: Camp Dirtbag!

The weekend comes a day early this week, with the Picador’s annual birthday bash. It’s the third annual celebration of, not really the inception of the club, but of the rebirth of the former Gabe’s as a spiffy new joint. Of course no matter the name, the club continues to be one of the key […]

Preview: Pumice, David Daniell, lwa, Ed Gray

Tonight a mysterious Kiwi will occupy The Picador: Stefan Geoffry Neville who makes music under the moniker Pumice. Neville’s got a gruff, far-off croon sounding something like a creepy lo-fi Stephin Merritt. He hides this voice in a mass of reverb, serenading you from a cave on a secluded beach. Neville just recently resurrected Pumice […]

Preview: Mutating Meltdown w. Wet Hair, Black Diamond, & Parade in the Old Country Sky

Austin’s Mutating Meltdown roll into Iowa City this evening for a quick burst of a Sunday show. MM rocks key parts that slide somewhere between This Year’s Model surf-aping and the skronktastic stabs that cut through the pop sheen of early Eno, bolstered by beach-bum-approved bass burbles and detached art-rock chants and mantras. The Austin […]

Freakin' Weekend: 08.13-08.15

Freakin’ Weekend: 08.13-08.15

After Monday’s epic Dungen & Woods extravaganza, I think we’ve officially hit the August lull - the “Dog Days” of summer - in Iowa City. A lot of the summer touring circuits are winding down, meaning bands are ending up on the coasts and there’s not a ton of stuff coming through the Midwest. That […]