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Festival Overview in Pictures: Tuesday

Festival Overview in Pictures: Tuesday

Here are a handful of pictures from Tuesday night’s shows at The Mill, Public Space One, and Blue Moose Taphouse. For additional photos, click here.

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Sarah Mannix & the Wandering Bears

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Sarah Mannix & the Wandering Bears

Sarah Mannix & the Wandering Bears certainly qualifies as an Iowa City “Supergroup.” Sarah is the foxy bass player in Mannix! (the family band performing its final show on Wednesday) and a member of The Vagabonds. Her Bears consist of The Western Front (composed of David Earl and brothers, Drew and Mitch Fischels) and her […]

Mission Creek Festival Recap: Monday

One night down, five to go. Now that Mission Creek has stretched it’s skinny, hipster arms (like antenna…) all the way in to the beginning of the week, the countdown starts to feel more significant. Rather than numbering off a long (really long the last couple years) weekend, we’re marking off SIX frakking days for this […]

Cheap Preview: Free Mission Creek Shows

Everyone seems to be desperately holding onto their money these days. Call it what you want — being smart, frugal, tight, cheap, scared — the unpredictable economy has made going to concerts a luxury rather than a typical monthly expense. Fortunately for the monetarily-disabled, Mission Creek has several free shows or readings every night this […]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Metal Shows

Some times we can miss things. Arguably the biggest blind spot at Mission Creek is metal. Last year we totally spaced it and the year before we had an amazing bill fall into our laps. This year was a bit more pro-active. If you crave loud, really loud music, we got two fixes for you. […]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Camera Obscura

Care of, once again, Brian Johannesen. It is upon us! This marvelous week of nonstop music and literature has arrived and while most of you have your sights set on shows early in the week, it can’t hurt to plan ahead. Saturday offers tons of killer shows to check out, and Camera Obscura will be […]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Pocahaunted

Okay, boys and girls, it’s finally here. Mission Creek 2010 starts off with a bang tonight as Pocahaunted leads some fine noise makers into the fray at Gabe’s. Pocahaunted has seen some shake up in the last year. Founding member Bethany Cosentino left to concentrate on school and Best Coast, leaving the other original member, […]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Dinosaur Feathers

Dinosaur Feathers have undoubtedly put out one of this year’s big spring records. Having just self-released Fantasy Memorial on March 2, they are already receiving tremendous amount of hype. If you haven’t already hit the wall on the indie-fun madness, Mission Creek is a great opportunity to see them first rather than follow the trend […]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: The Literary Run-Down

A missive from our literary liaison Joseph Tiefenthaler. Meet the very model of a modern music festival. Song and dance.  Check.  Costumes.  Check.  Crowd.  Check.  Dizzying array of events.  Double check.  Readings…??? In many ways the course of literature’s consumption over the past few years mimics that of music, online and on the display screen […]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Coyote Slingshot

Our intrepid contributor Brian Johannesen sat down with Dominic Rabalais to talk about his act, Coyote Slingshot and other assorted odds and ends as part of our continuing previews of the 2010 Mission Creek Festival. Coyote Slingshot is a name that has been thrown around the Iowa City music scene for a while now. The […]