Firing Up The Dream Machine

Why did I start this post with a picture of Tennis? Does it really matter? To be fair to them, I really do like Cape Dory. I hated their songs the first time I heard them, but forgetting what they sound like helps you to like them.

Anyway, after a long dormant stage of drifting hazily through the wet streets of Iowa City and drinking in the dark booths of the Foxhead or down at the Warehouse, we decided to relaunch the blog in the run-up to the festival.

If you are a consistent reader of this blog, you may, in fact, wondering who the fuck I am. That’s simple. I’m not you. I’m A.C. Hawley.

I rock wrestling t-shirts, pearl snaps, and swear by Wrangler Western Wear. Sonically, I angle towards shoegaze, punk, hip-hop, dance, post-punk, surf, rockabilly, and strange experimental music but nothing is off limits save modern country music. I also really like novelty songs and pop songs. My favorite band of all time is either The Smiths or Saint Etienne. I truly believe Speed is one of the best executed action movies ever. My favorite movie is either Speed, Top Gun, or Pink Flamingos. I know, high brow, right? Thanks, liberal arts education! Other things you don’t care to know about me but I’m going to tell you anyway: my favorite color is blue, I know almost all of the words to Positive K’s “I Gotta Man,” I watch the Thursday night comedy line-up on NBC save The Office and Outsourced, I love the mechanical clicking of drum machines, and nothing, I repeat NOTHING, can have too much delay or echo.

For this festival and future ones, I’m the media terrorist, bringing stories from the frontline, interviews with hangers on and musicians, and pictures of sweaty boys and girls being one with the sound. Dispatches from each day’s frontline will appear right here during the festival. Cool? Cool. I’m going to do the popcorn now. Your life is now, officially, no longer the same.

About the Author

I run a radio show called the chrysanthemum sound system. It airs @ 10p-12a on Thursdays on KRUI and features anything and everything. I write On The Beat in Little Village Magazine. I won on The Smartest Iowan. You can find me either in your basement, on the street, @acethoughts (Twitter) or (Google+)