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It's Getting Heavy: Photos Days 2 & 3

It’s Getting Heavy: Photos Days 2 & 3

Mission Creek Festival 2011 keeps rolling on, and it is getting better by the day. Every single band I have seen so far has been absolutely awesome. Here are a few pictures from Colour Revolt, Native, Mountains and some great in-studio performances from the past two days:

The Endo Pinner Dream, or The Day My Festival Started in Sincerity

Monday was not the best starting day for me. Mad busyness in my life. I had to get my life into the festival, and I did that on Tuesday. I started my day checking out PS1. I didn’t get an opportunity to go down there on Monday, so it was nice to get down there […]

The Right Foot: Day 1 Pics

The Right Foot: Day 1 Pics

Day 1 is in the books, ladies and gentleman, and boy was it a doozy. I don’t know how I’m going to manage the rest of the festival since I am exhausted today from all of last nights running around, and there were only 2 shows last night! I hope you all conditioned for this […]

Limited Festival Passes Still Available!!!

Today is the day, folks. If you need to pick up your festival pass, head to the upstairs of Prairie Lights Bookstore on Dubuque St. and enter the Times Club. There will probably be a very bored-looking/anxious person sitting at a table with a stack of papers in front of him. This is not your […]

The Present Beware: It's Starting

The Present Beware: It’s Starting

Today is the 28th of March, and the Mission Creek festival begins. Pretty much every media organization save the Press-Citizen (because they are too busy writing the police blotter) is covering it. Each side has their own angle and approach. KRUI is doing live work down in Public Space One all week, trying to talk […]


The time has come all you mission freaks. Festival starts in just TWO DAYS so if you haven’t got your tickets yet, you best get on that. If you’re at all like me and you just cannot wait for this festival to get going, come on down to Public Space One tonight for the Mission […]

A Dare for the Literary Folks

As you well know, Mission Creek is not just a music festival. It is also a literary festival. There are a number of really high quality presses coming through for this festival, but I defer knowledge about any of this to Joe, our resident literary organizer. While this is on my name, this post is […]

Just Announced: UIMA's First Fridays with DJ Lady Espina

Just Announced: UIMA’s First Fridays with DJ Lady Espina

Just added to the slew of events next week is the University of Iowa Museum of Art’s inaugural First Fridays event. The event will take place in the Hotel Vetro lobby as well as Formosa on Friday, April 1st at 5:00PM. Featured at the event will be a live set by DJ Lady Espina as […]


First off, I just want to second A.C.’s previous post about Public Space One. The venue rules. If you need proof, here is a video from one of Mission Creek Festival’s most legendary performances with, oh I don’t know, The Tallest Man on Earth. Second, there will be a Mission Creek Pre-Party at Public Space […]

I Look Forwards To Spaces, Not Bands

As you well know, Mission Creek takes over large sections of this town of ours, including but not limited to: drinking establishments, DIY venues, established music spots, tattoo parlors, dance clubs, and clothing stores. One of the venues that I think will be particularly exciting for this festival is one that all of the readers […]