It’s Coming, It’s Coming, It’s Coming: Volume 1

As you have probably been able to ascertain from all of the imagery on this blog, the new installment of the Mission Creek Festival is coming. In fact, it’s right around the corner, essentially. There is a lot of cool stuff coming to town, so the hope is to make you aware of some of it so it doesn’t sweep right by you when it’s actually here.

The first installment in this series goes to Mountains. Based in Brooklyn and signed to Thrill Jockey, Mountains blurs the line between electronic and acoustic music. Using a variety of analog electronic techniques, Brandon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp make music that is reminiscent of Brian Eno’s later ambient material and Fennesz & Christopher Willits’s guitar-based structures. Unlike these men, Mountains maintain one foot in the real, basing their music around traditional acoustic instruments rather than strictly electric guitars and computers. This gives their music an ethereal, folksy feel, something that cannot be said for the work of Fennesz in a million years. Such a style allows for much freedom in the actual live venue, and Mountains take it with great aplomb, making expansive sonic tapestries that envelop the listener and transport him/her to another world.

This sensibility can be seen on a tape that I received through my cabal of Iowa City ninja warriors and vatican assassins of their prior performance in Iowa City at a place called “The Picador.” I think it used to be a club or something, or at least that’s what some dude at George’s told me. Anyway, you can hear the qualities that I described earlier on this tape. All of the parts fit smoothly together, and there is never a lull. The music fills its listening space and compels while never assaulting.

The last time that they were in town was a little more than a year ago, so their return is very much welcomed. This is a show that we at Mission Creek are particularly excited about. I hope that with this post, you’ve become excited as well.

Mountains will be playing this year’s festival on Wednesday down at the White Lightning Warehouse with David Daniell, Lwa, and Cocoon.

Link to tape

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  • MAJP

    One of the relatively unknown bands coming to the Mission Creek Festival is Chamberlin. Their first album “Bitter Blood” was just released March 1st and has garnered five stars so far on itunes. This is great new Americana from a cabin in Goshen, Vermont. Fine lyrics, great vocals and superb musicianship. Grace Potter has called them the band to watch for in 2011. People shouldn’t miss a chance to see them live.