In Like a Lion…

So the saying goes… In like a lion, out like a lamb. It seems that when these foolish English proverb-makers came up with this oh-so-clever slogan, they had not accounted for 2011. It would appear that this year’s March has come in rather lamb-like. The weather has been relatively acceptable since the 1st (it is supposed to be 55 on Friday!) with few instances of below-freezing. And one thing that those Redcoats certainly didn’t count on was the lion that is Mission Creek Festival.

That’s right, I just wrote an insanely stupid, mildly confusing, and somewhat offensive intro to a blog post in promotion of the festival (my apologies to all British). So far, AC has been killing it by way of providing you, the reader, with music to listen to. I am less of a tech guy. For example, wordpress confuses the shit out of me. But there is one thing that I am certain of: I am psyched on the festival.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will make some short posts about artists that I am psyched to see. They will not be Jeff Tweedy or Guided By Voices because everybody is psyched to see them. And, lets face it, if you don’t already have a ticket or an All-Access Pass, you’re not getting into Tweedy. So let me pump up some of the smaller bands that you may not have heard of, and tell you why you should check them out.

Exhibit A: Smokestack and the Foothill Fury

Friday, April 1st @ Public Space One
9:00PM :: FREE

Born in Iowa City, Smokestack moved to Atlanta, GA some time ago and harvested his bluesy, foot-stomping folk in the dirty south. Atlanta may be his headquarters, but he has spent most of the last couple years touring relentlessly, playing for hours in little dive bars and shacks all over the country. His drive and attitude are uncompromising, and his music is as soulful and cutting as Howlin’ Wolf.

As far as live performance, this dude is insane. Watching him live is like watching Taz eat Poprocks and Coke. He specializes in lighting-fast blues fingerpicking, with a side dish of stomp-operated snare drum. He sounds, and looks, a bit like William Elliott Whitmore… on crack. You really don’t want to miss this show. See video below for proof.

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