My Most Sincere Apologies

Okay, so I lied. I admit it. I am sorry but I feel a responsibility to you, my dear reader, to clear the air. Yesterday I said that I would preview only bands that you may not have heard of and today, I will preview a band that if you have been even remotely involved in the Iowa City rock scene for the past couple years, you will have undoubtedly heard of. They are a band that needs no introduction, but I will introduce them nonetheless:

Exhibit B: Birth Rites

Friday, April 1st @ Blue Moose Tap House

9:00 PM :: $6

It has been quite some time since Birth Rites has played in Iowa City. Their debut album All Success Stories (Mission Freak! Records) garnered them a very dedicated local audience, but that was two years ago. Since then, the band’s members have moved on, moved back, stayed away, and done all of those horrible things that are so detrimental to great bands. But they have rallied once again and are scheduled to record their sophomore release shortly after their appearance at the Mission Creek Festival.

Sonically, Birth Rites is a bit confusing. Principal songwriter Jack Hennessy has a knack for writing melodies that are at the same time both moving and catchy, and I mean that in the best way. Back that up with Jarrett Hothan on bass, Sean McGivern on keys, and Greg “String Bean” Markus on drums, and you’ve got a great rock n’ roll band with a full sound and enough burners to make your neck sore for weeks after the show. But what separates Birth Rites from being just a great rock band is their secret ingredient: sKaReWoLf.

sKaReWoLf is a bizarre creature. Not much is known about him. It is said that he can only operate using lunar power. He converts these lunar rays into shred, and applies them to an electric guitar. The outcome is mathy, jarring, and sometimes beautiful. sKaReWoLf’s abilities to translate lunar rays has put him in a class of his own in the world of guitar players.

sKaReWoLf Anatomy

sKaReWoLf Anatomy

With the upcoming recording, you can expect Birth Rites to be laying out some brand new tracks, as well as the old favorites. And with the winter’s long nights, it is safe to say sKaReWoLf has stocked up on lunar rays and is ready to unleash his inner-beast.

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