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X-Ray Eyeballs: Not Nothing

X-Ray Eyeballs: Not Nothing

As will become apparent throughout the course of these reviews, I pay very little attention to what actually happens in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a fine place. I visited there a couple of summers ago and hung out with some friends of mine. But, I swear, there are at least eighty bands coming out of there […]

Javelin: Canyon Candy

Javelin: Canyon Candy

Javelin is another in a long line of Brooklyn-via-(insert somewhere else that’s probably pretty cool but “not as cool as Brooklyn”) bands. They work in the vein of The Avalanches or Quiet Village, making sample-heavy tracks with “lost” and obscure sounds. Unlike those bands, Javelin does integrate live instrumentation into their music like guitar, for […]

Record Reviewing Flood

I have a number of records I’ve gotten from PR companies that I feel like I should do something with, so I’m going to put up very brief music reviews for each one. I think 250 words will be the maximum because I have to get through like ten of these. If I go over, […]

No Memoirs

Yea, I’ve got newer things to talk about than my catching mono and the end of the festival. I’m psyched it’s over, but it was awesome while it was here. I’m going to start a flood of other posting in the next second. -A.C.

What Happened At The End Here?

So, I talked about posting every day and that sort of thing. I can actually pretty easily explain what happened to me for the last four days of the festival: I got really sick and dehydrated at the exact same time. I went to a bunch of really bitching shows, but couldn’t enjoy them as […]

Lit Schedule Today

I totally apologize. Meant to get this up yesterday… Just when you’re about to wonder, right when you’re starting to ask yourself what you should fill your Saturday afternoon with, having hours to kill before Mission Creek music beats its way onto your nightly schedule, we have the answer, we have the remedy, we have […]

Four on Four: The Fourth Day of The Festival

Four on Four: The Fourth Day of The Festival

As I noted in the post that is directly below this one, this was the first day that I had full range to explore the festival. I had been telling people that I was going to go to four venues this night: The Mill, PS One, Yacht Club, and Tobacco Bowl. So, I’ll organize it […]

The Ambient Vision, or Day Three of the Festival

I know that this is late, but that just is what it is. Wednesday was the second day of me being at the Wherehouse for shows. Unlike on Tuesday, I had to stay at the front because I was running door. This is one of the more thankless tasks on the face of the planet, […]