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Show Review: The Blow @ The Mill

Following the strangeness and punk fury that was Friday night, Saturday offered a far different experience for the listening public. This wasn’t my first go ’round with The Blow. I’d seen her when I lived in Ohio…twice. The first time, it was an apartment party. She was getting into the crowd, dancing and having fun […]

Show Reviews: Idiot Glee @ Blue Moose / Solid Attitude @ Birdcage

Alright, as you can see, there were a number of shows, so let’s get this started properly. The first show that I went to on this weekend was the Idiot Glee. I was, personally, very excited for this show. Paddywhack hasn’t left the rotation in my household since I got my hands on it. While […]

Video Update

I have an email account that I do read from time to time. I get a lot of promotional email materials, and a lot of those are videos. There are some good ones, so I’m going to post them here. The first video is from Computer Magic. A one woman project based out of Brooklyn, […]

Reptar: Oblange Fizz, Y'all

Reptar: Oblange Fizz, Y’all

Reptar is a band from the southern musical hotspot, which is responsible for bands like the eternal REM, the epic Pylon, and the ever-so-lovely B-52s. While I reference these bands, Reptar sounds very little like any of them. Instead, these four guys are working in the frame of the electro pop groups that are around […]

Addition to Previous Post

I realize that I gave no explanation to this whole situation. I can refer you to the weekend column that I write for a better, more detailed sketch of what’s happening at the Firecracker 500 as well as about that Haley Bonar show at the Englert. If I weren’t so pumped to see garage rock, […]

The Firecracker 500 Festival

I apologize for the late notice, but the Firecracker 500 Festival is happening at the Blue Moose for the weekend. It’s 20+ garage/surf/punk bands just going for it with their music. It’s going to be a fun show for sure and passes are cheap. It’s 25 bucks for three days. It turns out to be […]