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Reflections on the New M83 and Real Estate LPs

I don’t have a prolonged review of anything right now. I have albums for review, but I’ve got very little interest in listening to them. They are these rather generic rock albums. While I’m sure they are competent, they aren’t really grabbing my attention in any meaningful way right now. Although from first synth strike […]

Esmerine - (2011) La Lechuza [Constellation]

As this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I would like to acknowledge Lhasa de Sela. Lhasa de Sela was an amazing and unique artist who died of breast cancer on January 1 of last year at the age of 37. Lhasa was a multi-language artist with her own philosophy. She used her poetic gifts in […]

Amon Tobin – (2011) ISAM [Ninja Tunes]

ISAM is the culmination of a trilogy by Amon Tobin in the past decade and his take on the purest form of electronic: Concrete Music, the fundamental pillar of electronic music. Pierre Schaeffer, French radio engineer of the 1940s, created the first electronic music studio in Paris and began experimenting with what he called “musique […]

Born Gold: Bodysongs

Born Gold: Bodysongs

NB: Continuing the cavalcade of album reviews today, I post a new piece from a new contributor here at the blog, Steve Crowley. You may know who he is. You might not on the other hand. That being said, I’m sure that he can tell you who he is as soon as he gets blog […]

Warm Ghost: Narrows

Warm Ghost is a duo hailing from the indie music hotbed that is Brooklyn, NY. Their music connects two very different worlds. The first is that of standard electronic pop like Au Revoir Simone, The Human League and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. In the other world are innovative abstract electronic artists like Christian Fennesz, […]

Little Red: Midnight Remember

Little Red: Midnight Remember

I’ve been trying to cut down on the chattiness in my record reviews, as it doesn’t really take 700 words to describe an album thoroughly. To prove so, I will tell you about Midnight Remember, the first stateside release for Australians Little Red. There is nothing particularly fresh with regards to this record. I mean […]

Updates to Your Face

So, hi everyone! It has been a busy time here at the blog (not really, but it sounds better if I say that it is). You will have noticed a couple of changes around these parts. For the staff, the blog software’s been updated. This doesn’t affect you at all, dear reader; we’re still spitting […]

Review: Pieta Brown @ The Englert 10/08/2020

One of the things that is a mixed bag about writing the Weekender column is that I have to look into all of the concerts that are going to be in town. Some weeks, this consist of nothing but jam bands and punk-pop bands (I have a straight up beef with jam bands. I’ll write […]

Review: Ty Segall @ The Blue Moose 10/04/11

This show was one that I had been looking forward to for quite a while now for a number of reasons. The first was that I had been really into the Ty Segall albums that I’d been listening to over the summer. His take on psyched-out garage rock hit a really good spot in my […]

Show Preview: Ty Segall @ The Blue Moose

Sorry about the lateness of this post. I did mean to put this up a day or so ago, but just ran out of time to do so. It’s much in the same way that I haven’t had time to actually update the infrastructure of this blog, which is going to happen this week. You […]