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Mission Creek 2012 Complete Lineup

So, we’ve been leaking hits from the coming 2012 Festival over the past few weeks. This hasn’t been strictly promotional. If you could come to our secret team meetings-they always start with a ritual sacrifice-you would see how psyched all of us actually are for this year’s festival. We’ve got heavy hitters coming in that […]

The House Project

In a new sort-of continual/long-term/occasional project that doesn’t consist of me just inundating you with albums that I think are cool, I’m going to start a learning project. When I was in high school, I used to listen to nothing but techno and shoegaze. While there may have been a random PJ Harvey or Chris […]

Festival 2012: Little Scream

Festival 2012: Little Scream

Originally hailing from the state of Iowa, Laura Sprengelmeyer has been a long-time staple of the Montreal indie rock scene, a scene that has brought the world-either for its benefit or utter detriment, you decide-The Arcade Fire. Unlike that band, the music Sprengelmeyer releases under her stage name Little Scream is far less bombastic. Although […]

Festival 2012: Oberhofer

Festival 2012: Oberhofer

Brad Oberhofer released a fantastic EP in 2009 and has continued to steadily gain critical attention. He will make his biggest splash yet with the release of Time Capsules II, his first full length effort which was produced by Steve Lillywhite who has worked with such acts as U2, The Rolling Stones, Morrissey, and others. The […]



DIRTY BEACHES - (2011) BADLANDS This is the album by Alex (aka Dirty Beaches) Hungtai Zhang, a Taiwanese living in Canada that offered in 2011 an artful mixture of hazy rockabilly and psychedelic lo-fi with a unique “distant-crushed” humid tropical flavor in a sense of a low-energy/drifting vibe of a day spent. In this DIY […]

New Magnetic Fields Single,

New Magnetic Fields Single, “Andrew In Drag”

As their latest effort, Love at the Bottom of the Sea and subsequent Mission Creek show approaches, Magnetic Fields hit us with their first single from the new record. “Andrew In Drag” is a song about falling in love with a man who jokingly dressed in drag once. It’s short, poppy, upbeat and kind of tragic […]

Favorite Album of 2011 The New Division - Shadows

We all have shadows and this is a band not shy of showing theirs as the name of the band suggests (NEW order, Joy DIVISION) but there is not carbon copy of their influence. Sure, additive synth keys brings those shadows from’78-’81 - 1st wave of post-punk. But the unique feature of the CD is […]