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Mission Creek Festival: Day 5

The festival has finally taken its toll on me. I can’t even get this preview written if I tried. My arms barely work, and I’ve got that weird John McCain thing where I can’t lift my arms above my head. Anyway, I’m going to quickly tell you what today is about. Today is the traditional […]

Mission Creek Festival: Day 4

Are you kidding me right now? If you haven’t been at the festival, you haven’t been anywhere. Tim Hecker played one of the creepiest, most awe-inspiring ambient sets I’ve heard in years, and Black Milk completely tore down Gabe’s. Thursday wasn’t a joke, folks. This festival’s for real and for rad. Friday promises to bring […]

Mission Creek Festival: Day 3

It’s Day Three of the Festival. Sleep’s getting low, but the jams are still kicking. I gotta stay brief today. I’m on the time grind. Like I said yesterday, we’re fully in the game now. Today brings so much stuff, it’ll make your head spin. Remember follow us at @Missioncreekic and to tag your tweets […]

Mission Creek Festival: Day 2

Day one was a rough one. It was pretty awesome though. Rhys Chatman ripped it from beginning to end. I’m just glad I brought my earplugs so I can survive yet another day. Yesterday was the teaser. Today is the beginning of the flood. There are five shows today, and they cover the whole range […]

Mission Creek Festival: Day 1

The day is now on us. For the betterment of everything save the staff’s health/sanity, the 2012 Mission Creek Festival begins today. Everyday, we’ll be posting a cheat sheet for the day so you know what the events are and what everything sounds like. If you want to stay in the know during the festival, […]

The Festival Comes Tuesday!

So, in case you’ve been sleeping and not looking around, this year’s Mission Creek Festival is about to start. It will be an exciting week of music, food, and literary arts. What will happen? I’m not sure, but I know I will be around to see as much of it as I possibly can. During […]