Festival 2011

Four on Four: The Fourth Day of The Festival

Four on Four: The Fourth Day of The Festival

As I noted in the post that is directly below this one, this was the first day that I had full range to explore the festival. I had been telling people that I was going to go to four venues this night: The Mill, PS One, Yacht Club, and Tobacco Bowl. So, I’ll organize it [...]

The Ambient Vision, or Day Three of the Festival

I know that this is late, but that just is what it is. Wednesday was the second day of me being at the Wherehouse for shows. Unlike on Tuesday, I had to stay at the front because I was running door. This is one of the more thankless tasks on the face of the planet, [...]

The Present Beware: It's Starting

The Present Beware: It’s Starting

Today is the 28th of March, and the Mission Creek festival begins. Pretty much every media organization save the Press-Citizen (because they are too busy writing the police blotter) is covering it. Each side has their own angle and approach. KRUI is doing live work down in Public Space One all week, trying to talk [...]

A Dare for the Literary Folks

As you well know, Mission Creek is not just a music festival. It is also a literary festival. There are a number of really high quality presses coming through for this festival, but I defer knowledge about any of this to Joe, our resident literary organizer. While this is on my name, this post is [...]

I Look Forwards To Spaces, Not Bands

As you well know, Mission Creek takes over large sections of this town of ours, including but not limited to: drinking establishments, DIY venues, established music spots, tattoo parlors, dance clubs, and clothing stores. One of the venues that I think will be particularly exciting for this festival is one that all of the readers [...]

Colour Revolt Video

Watching that last video I posted of Birth Rites at the Blue Moose reminded me that the headliner of that show was Colour Revolt… who is also playing the festival!!! (Tuesday, March 29th @ The Mill-FREE!!!) How wonderful. Here’s a video from that set. I believe it cuts out a little early, but you get [...]

My Most Sincere Apologies

My Most Sincere Apologies

Okay, so I lied. I admit it. I am sorry but I feel a responsibility to you, my dear reader, to clear the air. Yesterday I said that I would preview only bands that you may not have heard of and today, I will preview a band that if you have been even remotely involved [...]

In Like a Lion…

So the saying goes… In like a lion, out like a lamb. It seems that when these foolish English proverb-makers came up with this oh-so-clever slogan, they had not accounted for 2011. It would appear that this year’s March has come in rather lamb-like. The weather has been relatively acceptable since the 1st (it is [...]

It's Coming, It's Coming, It's Coming: Volume 1

It’s Coming, It’s Coming, It’s Coming: Volume 1

As you have probably been able to ascertain from all of the imagery on this blog, the new installment of the Mission Creek Festival is coming. In fact, it’s right around the corner, essentially. There is a lot of cool stuff coming to town, so the hope is to make you aware of some of [...]