Video Update

I have an email account that I do read from time to time. I get a lot of promotional email materials, and a lot of those are videos. There are some good ones, so I’m going to post them here. The first video is from Computer Magic. A one woman project based out of Brooklyn, [...]


First off, I just want to second A.C.’s previous post about Public Space One. The venue rules. If you need proof, here is a video from one of Mission Creek Festival’s most legendary performances with, oh I don’t know, The Tallest Man on Earth. Second, there will be a Mission Creek Pre-Party at Public Space [...]

Colour Revolt Video

Watching that last video I posted of Birth Rites at the Blue Moose reminded me that the headliner of that show was Colour Revolt… who is also playing the festival!!! (Tuesday, March 29th @ The Mill-FREE!!!) How wonderful. Here’s a video from that set. I believe it cuts out a little early, but you get [...]

My Most Sincere Apologies

My Most Sincere Apologies

Okay, so I lied. I admit it. I am sorry but I feel a responsibility to you, my dear reader, to clear the air. Yesterday I said that I would preview only bands that you may not have heard of and today, I will preview a band that if you have been even remotely involved [...]

In Like a Lion…

So the saying goes… In like a lion, out like a lamb. It seems that when these foolish English proverb-makers came up with this oh-so-clever slogan, they had not accounted for 2011. It would appear that this year’s March has come in rather lamb-like. The weather has been relatively acceptable since the 1st (it is [...]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Acid Mothers Temple

Booker T. has a storied career, Meat Puppets had several roundabout run-ins with popular culture, Greg Brown is the biggest thing from Iowa after Slipknot, but there are few acts on this year’s (stacked) Mission Creek Festival bill as hard to write about…or even describe as Acid Mothers Temple. Let’s start with the few things [...]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Brighton, MA

A personal essay from Brian Johannesen about drinking buddies Brighton, MA. Brighton, MA is one of those bands that I will always go see. This mostly because of a somewhat special relationship I have developed with their shows over the past couple years. The first time I saw them was at one of the first [...]

Mission Creek 2010 Festival Preview: Cave Singers

Mission Creek 2010 Festival Preview: Cave Singers

In a continuing series, we’re previewing artists that will be performing in Iowa City during the 5th annual Mission Creek Festival, taking place March 30-April 3. Today, Brittany reports on the Cave Singers. As Todd described in my original post, I recently moved back to Iowa City from Seattle, where I worked in the coolest [...]

Preview: Dr. Dog

Preview: Dr. Dog

Another day, another new writer! We welcome Brittany Hogendorn to our webspace. She just returned from a stint in Seattle where she interned at KEXP. She’s now back in Iowa City, helping us bring you the goods. Look for her regular posts this spring. Dr. Dog is headlining the Mill on Wednesday, February 6, in [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 1.28-1.30

Finally revealing one of the worst kept secrets in it’s brief, yet momentous history, Apple CEO Stephen Jobs unveiled the poorly titled and bizarre looking iPad on Wednesday. The cheapest model starts at $499 and from what I can tell it’s basically just a big Kindle. So maybe we’re heading in the right direction on [...]