Freakin’ Weekend: 03.04-03.06

I don’t know where February went, but it seems to have taken the shitty weather with it when it left. It’s March and quite wonderful out, which can only mean that I’ve been doing some outdoor running this week (gotta think about that beach bod, ya know?). It also means that we can sense the [...]

Freakin' Weekend: 02.25-02.27

Freakin’ Weekend: 02.25-02.27

Still awaiting official word on the saga of the Picador. What we know so far is this: the Picador has been sold, will undergo a management change, and revert to the name Gabe’s. According to Facebook, the Pic closes tonight with a bang, one last massive early metal/hardcore show and then a final Physical Challenge [...]

Freakin' Weekend: 02.18-02.20

Freakin’ Weekend: 02.18-02.20

here are those that would detract from the NBA, saying that the regular season is pointless to watch and that the playoffs are all that matters. It is especially funny when baseball fans (I am a baseball fan, too) say this, as an aside. But for those who watch the NBA, today is a particularly [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 2.4-2.6

The 2010 Oscar Nominees were announced this week, meaning the next month will be surrounded with debate as to who’s actually going to win. Most notably, the Best Picture category has been expanded into 10 films, meaning there’s 5 more films on there than maybe should be. I kid, but considering last year’s choices (Slumdog, [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 1.28-1.30

Finally revealing one of the worst kept secrets in it’s brief, yet momentous history, Apple CEO Stephen Jobs unveiled the poorly titled and bizarre looking iPad on Wednesday. The cheapest model starts at $499 and from what I can tell it’s basically just a big Kindle. So maybe we’re heading in the right direction on [...]

Freakin' Weekend: 01.21-01.22

Freakin’ Weekend: 01.21-01.22

My goodness, the Conan O’Brien circus just might be coming to an end. NBC announced that it had reached a deal with Conan to release him from his contract, with Friday night (that’s this weekend) being the final installment of Conan O’Brien on the Tonight Show, after just 9 months. The Conan O’Brien and Jay [...]

Freakin' Weekend: 01.14-01.16

Freakin’ Weekend: 01.14-01.16

t’s the return of the Freakin’ Weekend, baby. After a little bit of a recharge of our own batteries, our weekend entertainment column is back and in full effect. And while there’s a lot of great stuff going down in Iowa City this weekend, it’s also important to recognize briefly the cool stuff going down [...]

Freakin' Weekend: 12.17-12.19

Freakin’ Weekend: 12.17-12.19

Who knew there was a market for holiday themed hip hop mix tapes? More here (that’s not the holiday spirit, Tony!).
In other news, it’s our last Freakin’ Weekend of 2009! I’m going to use this as an opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday break, and let you know that we’ll [...]

Freakin' Weekend: 12.10-12.12

Freakin’ Weekend: 12.10-12.12

So, did you hear about the snow? Just kidding. It’s pretty frigid in Iowa City these days, as the first snow of the year really made it’s presence felt over the last couple of days. That shouldn’t keep you from braving the cold this weekend to take in some great events in our area. Things [...]

Freakin’ Friday

I definitely realized, at some point around 10:00 last night, that I indeed had totally forgotten to write our usual weekend column. Oops…hope everyone out there enjoyed Melt Banana last night. Since we already told you about a great cause for going to Rock Island on Saturday, I’m going to give a brief run down [...]