The House Project

In a new sort-of continual/long-term/occasional project that doesn’t consist of me just inundating you with albums that I think are cool, I’m going to start a learning project. When I was in high school, I used to listen to nothing but techno and shoegaze. While there may have been a random PJ Harvey or Chris […]

Television of Minimal Pleasure: My Obsession With House Hunters

While you might see me out on the street being an asshole on my bike or at a show being awkward, there is something that I spend considerably more of my time doing than either of those things: watching House Hunters and House Hunters International. If you are not familiar with these shows, let me […]

Back In It, or The Flooding Post Ends Its Month+ Long Break

Following some intensive academic training and an excellent show on Saturday with the Dodos and Gauntlet Hair, I’m ready to get back in the mix. I’m currently trying to figure out what the fuck is going on with my email and deadlines. As soon as I figure that out, I will be back up in […]

He’s So Funky: Top Ten James Brown Songs

Although he has been in the earth for a little while now, I’m pretty sure that James Brown is one of the first artists I became thoroughly obsessed with as a music fan. While I just reveled in the screaming and insanity that was James Brown then, I fully get him now. James Brown attacks […]

Mission Creek Festival Preview: Coyote Slingshot

Our intrepid contributor Brian Johannesen sat down with Dominic Rabalais to talk about his act, Coyote Slingshot and other assorted odds and ends as part of our continuing previews of the 2010 Mission Creek Festival. Coyote Slingshot is a name that has been thrown around the Iowa City music scene for a while now. The […]

Freakin’ Weekend: 1.28-1.30

Finally revealing one of the worst kept secrets in it’s brief, yet momentous history, Apple CEO Stephen Jobs unveiled the poorly titled and bizarre looking iPad on Wednesday. The cheapest model starts at $499 and from what I can tell it’s basically just a big Kindle. So maybe we’re heading in the right direction on […]

News Flash: The Blacks Break Up!

This just hurts. Our favorite Bay Area / NYC garage rockers have broken up! Yes, it’s true: the kings and queen of minimal hooks and maximum sweat have called it a day, reportedly on account of tambourinist / percussionist JDK Blacker wanting to move on to new art projects. All in all, everyone is parting […]

Life is but a Ball Game Dream

I can’t really explain why I love Jordan Eldredge’s “one word off” song experiments so much, but I do. They defamiliarize really common songs in a way that makes us hear them completely differently, and even subtly changes their meaning.  I took these from his original blog posts here and here.

Video: Greg Oden sings N*Sync

It is becoming rare, in these days of 24-hour media surveillance, that athletes let us see their true selves. It seems that everything is a PR campaign, with players increasingly discouraged from saying what’s really on their mind in the attempt to avoid any possible controversy. This, however, also means that we don’t always get […]

Freakin’ Weekend: 10.9-10.11

Unlike last weekend’s shit show of decision making, this weekend should be a little easier to navigate. But, just because we’re coming into the meat of the academic period, doesn’t mean that anyone should be skipping out on some of the big shows coming up this month. We’ve already had some pretty huge ones this […]