Mission Freak Records

Welcome to the home of Mission Freak Records. We are a label based out of Iowa City, Iowa. We are staffed by the same folks who run the Mission Freak Blog and the annual Mission Creek Festival (music and literature) in Iowa City. There are several bands on our roster, many of them from the state of Iowa, though our tastes extend beyond this state. We love a lot of different types of music: noise, pop, electronica, guitar rock, keyboard, minimalist rock, bands without drummers, bands with lots of drums, and solo artists working with a single guitar or a bedroom full of pedals. Our varied interests are represented in our roster. We release albums on CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl, and digitally — whatever works for each artist. Check out our roster and also stop by these other awesome Iowa City labels: Night People Records and Scenester Credentials.

For Physical Releases and MP3 Album Downloads: [click here - coming soon]


Porno Galactica
Insane electronica duo from Fairfield, Iowa. Beats like Sebastien and Kavinsky. Minds like the programming chip from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link / Releases: Romance in the New World (CD, Digital Album; July 2009), Mixtape Vol. 1 (Digital Album; February 2009) / More Info: [click here]

Golden Birds
Songwriting genius from Brooklyn, NY by way of D.C. and San Francisco / Bay Area. Impressive guitar structures, waves of harmony vocals, and a sensitive and literate lyrical sensibility / Releases: The Soft War (CD, Digital Album; July 2009) / More Info [coming soon]

Birth Rites
Four-piece guitar rock band from Iowa City and Chicago with the scope of Cursive and the raw energy of the Constantines. Both epic and precise / Releases: All Success Stories (CD, Digital Album; June 2009) / More Info [click here]

Wolves in the Attic
Vicious guitar rock, echoing the hard edges of ’90s alternative indie heroes / Releases: Electronic Hearts (Digital Album; January 2009) / More Info [click here]

Three-piece band from Iowa City flexing a drum machine, a guitar, and a couple of keyboards — embracing the minimalism of Big Black and Suicide and the dark mood of New Order and Joy Division / Releases: Where the Wild Things Aren’t (Cassette; July 2009) / More Info [click here]