Shameless Self-Promotion

Wolftraxx: Database vs. French Horn Rebellion - Beaches and Friends

Well look who’s bloggin’. It’s me, Mikko Wolf, with a new column called Wolftraxx (right?) featuring some of the best new music in electronic and dance. But I might also write about upcoming shows, facial hair trends, cute animals, etc. For example:
This Tuesday the dance party at the Yacht Club (curated by, um, [...]

Mission Freak Records on KRUI

Once again from the Shameless Self-Promotion desk: Mission Freak Records is slated to take over the KRUI airwaves from 5-6 pm this evening on Corn Fed Music.
We’ll be talking about the news of this past summerand what MFR has in store for the future. To listen to Mission Freak Records representatives Andre Perry and Todd [...]

Exposure: Mission Freak on Break Thru Radio

Whoa! This just in from the Shameless Self-Promotion Department: a couple of Mission Freak bands are featured on the show Crop Circles on Break Thru Radio, an online streaming radio station. The show is hosted by DJ NoCoast, who highlights bands from the Midwest in her hour-long streaming segment. On this edition, you can hear [...]

Mission Freak Records: Porno Galactica / Golden Birds / Alexis Stevens / And More!

A dispatch from our record label: It’s been straight-up crazy time over here at Mission Freak Records. This past week has seen the release of several albums both physically and digitally. If you are interested in checking out the artists that we support there couldn’t be a better time than now to order a CD [...]

Freakin’ Peek: Porno Galactica

‘Round here we can get a bit full of ourselves, but I don’t think it’s any stretch to say that the Porno Galactica stuff on KRUI last night was pretty freakin’ awesome. You heard tracks four and five—”Sea Beast Released” and “Spills and Thrills” respectively—off the duo’s debut full-length Romance in the Modern World out [...]

Freakin’ Peek Alert: Birth Rites

Oh man, it’s been a minute or two since we last freakin’ peeked anything. But let’s dry our tears and remember the good ol’ time when we gave you sneak peeks of some stellar new tunes from some stellar local talents. And today is no exception. Tonight Corn-Fed Music is hosting Illinois transports Birth Rites [...]

Corn-Fed Music: Mission Creek Preview

Oh damn, we’re getting pretty meta here—a preview for a preview? Oh well, that’s what this is. Tonight, on Corn-Fed Music I’ll be talking with my Mission Creek/Freak cohorts from 5-6pm. We’ll spin some more tunes from festival artists, talk a bit about how grueling it is to book a festival, maybe chat a bit [...]

New Music: The Lonelyhearts on Daytrotter

Our very own Mission Freaker, Andre Perry swung by the Daytrotterstudios not too long ago with friend and bandmate John Lindenbaum to get intimate with those Rock Islanders The Lonelyhearts way.  I realize there’s been a lot of self-service round these parts lately what with festivals and radio shows but sometimes you just have to [...]

New Music: The Exterminator

We already gave you the low-down once on happenings with The Exterminator a/k/a Ryan Garbes (Wet Hair, Dunebuggy, ex-Raccoo-oo-oon).  The prolific Garbes hasn’t slowed his pace.  Dudes up to 7 releases of his tape-fed, crazed mixes.  The latest installment is going by the name Pure Love.   On top of tipping ya off to some new tuneage, [...]

Freakin’ Peek: Birth Rites

So you got a little taste of that new Birth Rites on Monday and you want more, I know.  We got just what you’re looking for.  We’ve got one of those demos from the band’s upcoming debut, All Success Stories, on Mission Freak Records.  Just down there, yeah right there, we’ve got the Jaws-referencing [...]