Video: William Elliott Whitmore

I know the Whitmore love is gettin’ a little intense ’round here.  But when an Iowa boy makes good, I just have a hard time containing myself.  Anyway, this will be (for the time being) about the last of it…I swear.
Our friends over at KRUI have been going overboard with awesome in studio performances and [...]

Video: Slanty Shanty Records

Oh, Internets, thank you.  From all of us who should be doing something better, or who need to pretend we’re doing something better, we thank you from the bottom of our empty hearts.  According to recent statistics, around 15 hours of video are uploaded on to every minute, so you’d better take this as [...]

Video: Greg Oden sings N*Sync

It is becoming rare, in these days of 24-hour media surveillance, that athletes let us see their true selves. It seems that everything is a PR campaign, with players increasingly discouraged from saying what’s really on their mind in the attempt to avoid any possible controversy. This, however, also means that we don’t always get [...]

Video: Wye Oak

Oh man, we love us some Wye Oak ’round here (evidence of our love found here and here).  And what’s not to love?  Especially with the approach of Autumn, the duo’s warm, lush harmonies seem further imbued with the sepia and earth tones we wrap ourselves in as the leaves begin to fall. And [...]

Humor: Walkmen on Juan’s Basement continues to be an inexcusable time drain on our collective lives. This week’s guilty pleasure is the Walkmen’s session on Juan’s Basement. For those of you who missed the lads tearing it up proper in Golden Gate Park at the Outside Lands Fest in San Francisco, you can watch ‘em recapture some of the [...]

New Music: Brighton, MA

Our friends from Chicago, IL; Brighton, MA (yeah, I know it’s confusing), have been busy boys as of late.  The quartet just swung through the Hawkeye state for the New Bohemia Festival in Cedar Rapids, they’ve got a new album (Amateur Lovers), and now the band has concert footage posted on Rolling Stone’s website.
The video [...]

Freak Focus: Hannibal Buress

Voted the funniest comedian in Chicago by Time Out, the hilarious Hannibal Burress will be in Iowa City on Tuesday, July 1st as part of the F Yeah Fest at the Mill. I could go on about his comedic talents but it makes more sense to let the stand-up speak for itself. Check it out [...]

New Music / Video: Weezer

Say what you will about the piles of sonic bullshit that Weezer has piled on us in the years following their debut and Pinkerton (1996), but I think we all have to admit that their new video / single, “Pork and Beans” is a stunning return to form. Snarky as ever, Rivers Cuomo and the [...]

New Video: The Blacks / The Tambourine Experiment

If you missed the Blacks’ show in Iowa City this past spring perhaps this video will give you an idea of you what you would have seen: a normal enough guitar / drums duo enhanced by a well-dressed man-beast who gives new meaning (and respect) to playing the tambourine. His name is JDK Blacker and [...]

Preview + New Video!: Porno Galactica

I saw Daft Punk this summer and lost some brain cells. Openers Sebastian and Kavinsksy were pretty sick as well. At the time I also thought the other opener, The Rapture, made sense. Well, they did, but after catching a couple of Porno Galactica shows it’s clear to me they should have been on that [...]