Preview: Mutating Meltdown w. Wet Hair, Black Diamond, & Parade in the Old Country Sky

Austin’s Mutating Meltdown roll into Iowa City this evening for a quick burst of a Sunday show. MM rocks key parts that slide somewhere between This Year’s Model surf-aping and the skronktastic stabs that cut through the pop sheen of early Eno, bolstered by beach-bum-approved bass burbles and detached art-rock chants and mantras. The Austin [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 08.13-08.15

After Monday’s epic Dungen & Woods extravaganza, I think we’ve officially hit the August lull - the “Dog Days” of summer - in Iowa City. A lot of the summer touring circuits are winding down, meaning bands are ending up on the coasts and there’s not a ton of stuff coming through the Midwest. That [...]

Preview: Dungen, Woods, Wet Hair, Gun Outfit

Awesome Monday-night show alert/reminder: Swedish masters of psych-prog Dungen are coming to the Picador on - no joke - one of the best bills of the year. Monday night? Hope you had your schedule cleared in advance. Dungen are bringing Brooklyn’s Woods on this whole tour with them, so whether or not you caught them [...]

Freakin’ Friday 8.07

Do you like music? Well, tonight’s a doozie. There’s nearly something for everyone. And in a town the size of Iowa City, that’s a pretty stunning feat. Buckle your force-belts, kids, this is a special Freakin’ Weekend rundown of this freakin’ fully loaded Friday. 
Cave of Spirit
Sewn Leather w. Russian Tsarlag, SHV, Parts & Pieces of Past [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 08.06-08.08

Iowa City is a literary city, by reputation and definition, so with this unique post-moving Freakin’ Weekend, we salute Thomas Pynchon, one of America’s most reclusive, mysterious, and brilliant authors of the 20th (and now 21st!) century. Pynchon’s first novel, V. came out in 1963, but it is perhaps his next two novels that he [...]

Preview: Decisions, decisions…

Tonight all the young, cool people aren’t just trying to decide whether they’re going dance or catch some live jams, now if they land on the latter, they have to pick which show they want to see.
The Mill has a full roster of “tempting melodies and accomplished songcraft,” according to the venue’s calendar, and I [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 7.30-8.1

This is the moving special! Every year ’round this time half of Iowa City packs it’s entire life into boxes, back seats of cars, rental trucks, or curb sides.
Aseethe w. Shores of the Tundra / your speakers / all day / $10
Pack. Save the speakers till the end. Scenester Credentials recently put out a split [...]

Reminder: Daytrotter Barnstorm tonight in West Liberty

So this week has turned out to be maybe the craziest week of my life. Between working full-time, moving, getting ready to go to a wedding this weekend, and working on the Freak, I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed. But you can bet that I will take time out of my schedule to head out to West [...]

New Music: Native - Ponyboy

As if this weekend wasn’t packed enough with music, Birth Rites main bros Native (not to be confused with Our Brother the Native or Local Natives) will be rocking PS1 on Sunday night with some ramshackle math rock tunes. Native have completed their debut record, Wrestling Moves, which comes out in late August via Sargent [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 07.23-07.25

This weekend is a great weekend for music in Iowa. And not just because of the choices you get to make in Iowa City this weekend. Not because you can go see the reunion of Foul Tip at a house show Friday night (do your research on that one) and then go see the Baby [...]