Mission Freak Records

Welcome to the home of Mission Freak Records. So, it all started in 2006 when we launched a music and arts festival in Iowa City called Mission Creek Festival. It was a way for us to celebrate the great music and art happening here in Iowa, the greater Midwest region, and even a handful of national acts. The festival has grown a bit each year and we started putting on shows — from basement gigs to club gigs — throughout the year. Along the way we fell in love with some bands who make awesome music but don’t have much of an outlet. The idea of a record label had been in our heads for a long time and finally it’s here. Mission Freak Records’ mission is simple: we want to grant more exposure to great bands that are on the up and up. To that end we design, fund, and release LIMITED EDITION CDs or VINYL (usually runs of 100 - 250) for our bands. The bands sell those releases at shows as they tour throughout the Midwest and across the nation. We also provide INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION for our bands via IODA and our parent label Three Ring Records (in San Francisco). This way, folks all over the world can listen to these bands on their iTunes, eMusic, etc… We know we are small — we’re not claiming to be anything bigger - but we’re doing the best we can. Check out our bands and be sure to check out Iowa City’s other killer labels, Scenester Credentials and NightPeople.

ROSTER: Birth Rites, Datagun, Golden Birds, Porno Galactica, Wolves in the Attic.


3. Wolves in the Attic’s debut record, Electronic Hearts, is digitally available worldwide on the likes of iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic. Yeah!

2. Mission Freak’s second release, Porno Galactica’s Mixtape Vol. 1, will physically hit the streets on Jan. 23rd. It will be available for FREE digital download on this site as well as Porno Galactica’s Myspace soon thereafter.

1. Mission Freak’s debut release comes from Wolves in the Attic. The album is called Electronic Hearts. The limited edition physical CD is already out. Digital distribution drops in February 2009.

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