New Music: Calico Horse Covers Radiohead’s “Idioteque”

Calico HorseCalico Horse’s recent take on Radiohead’s “Idioteque” moans like a Southern drawl, working its bittersweet basslines beneath a set of seductive harmonies. Emily Neveu, frontwoman of this San Diego band, appears to be primarily responsible for turning this postmodern club banger into a captivating folk song. At the heart of her version are rickety guitars and beautifully layered vocals. There’s almost a bit of a Jana Hunter sound to this song. But Neveu’s cover isn’t just a great track in its own right: it also goes to show how good those songs really were on Kid A (2000). Despite what some haters would have us think, those songs weren’t just a bunch of random laptop experiments after all. Give the cover a listen and then check out some Calico Horse originals via their Myspace page.

Calico Horse - “Idioteque” (Radiohead cover)

Calico Horse - Myspace

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2 Responses to “ New Music: Calico Horse Covers Radiohead’s “Idioteque” ”

  1. great article. I run a restaurant/lounge in central california. How do I get in touch with Emily and Calico Horse? She might be my cousin! Either way, I’d like to find out if they’d come up to Coarsegold and play!

    michael neveu

  2. they are booked by:

    they can also be reached directly: