Mission Freak Records on KRUI

Once again from the Shameless Self-Promotion desk: Mission Freak Records is slated to take over the KRUI airwaves from 5-6 pm this evening on Corn Fed Music.

We’ll be talking about the news of this past summerand what MFR has in store for the future. To listen to Mission Freak Records representatives Andre Perry and Todd Olmstead riff about the label, tune into 89.7 FM on those radio dials or navigate that there browser on over here to stream it from the location and computer of your choosing.

Download: Porno Galactica - Spills and Thrills

*full disclosure: yours truly will be conducting the interview, so don’t expect hard-hitting questions.

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john c.

University of Iowa graduate with BAs in English and Cinema Studies. John bides his time as a staff writer for www.missionfreak.com and with contributions to Little Village Magazine (littlevillagemag.com). John hosts an hour-long show on Monday's at 5 pm through the University of Iowa's radio station 89.7 FM KRUI (kruiradio.org) dedicated to Iowa music. "Corn Fed Music" is a showcase for Iowa artists, musicians formerly from Iowa, and acts visiting Iowa. This is a forum open for guest DJs, in studio performances, interviews, and new material offered to those who may not have access to larger media outlets. If you're interested in getting a song played, an interview, or performing a short set (20-45 min) in studio you can contact John at cornfed.dj@gmail.com

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