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Mission Creek Festival returns to Iowa City April 5 - 10. The festival is dedicated to inspiring and building the arts and culture community in Eastern Iowa. Programming focuses on literary readings, music performances, comedic performances, film screenings, public lectures, local food culture, and educational outreach. Each year the festival utilizes the existing cultural geography of Iowa City – bookstores, clothing stores, performance venues, and movie theaters – turning the downtown into an easily-navigated nexus of music, art, and transformative experiences. Venues include but are not limited to: Blue Moose Taphouse, The Englert Theatre, FilmScene, Gabe’s, The Mill, Prairie Lights, Pullman Bar & Diner, Yacht Club, and Trumpet Blossom Cafe. Most events will be within about five minutes walking of other events.


Mission Creek Festival is presented and produced by The Englert Theatre.



PR/Marketing: Jen; press@missionfreak.com.

General FAQ: Andre; andre@missionfreak.com

Volunteer Opportunities: Aly; aly@englert.org
Note: The festival is curated by a small team of programmers - we do not accept unsolicited artist submissions